• Fast first oil
  • Low cost developments
  • Simplified installation

  • Simplified product with efficient execution model
  • Innovative combination of field proven barriers to reduce size, weight and cost
  • Smart tooling to reduce the number of trips

  • Water depths up to 100m and pressures of 6,500psi
  • Jack-up drilling operations


Unlocking reserves

Monetizing stranded reserves in shallow waters requires an appropriate solution. Baker Hughes is the industry leader in shallow water trees, carrying out more than 35% of installations worldwide since 2000. Our light, efficient and reliable designs are based on an in-depth understanding of environmental challenges facing operators, including weather, sub-surface currents, poor visibility, and fishing interaction.


Maximize safety and efficiency

Our shallow water tree systems allow you to maximize safety and efficiency for jack-up drilling operations in water depths up to 328 ft (100m), operating pressures up to 6,500 psi, and temperatures between 0°F and250°F (-18°C to 121°C). Our designs enable deployment using standard offshore jack-up drilling rigs, eliminating the need for major modifications.

The shallow water S-Series features an innovative barrier design that blends horizontal and vertical tree technology, removing the need for a swab valve through use of crown plugs and reducing your CAPEX, while simultaneously helping to reduce the overall height of the system.


Smart Tools for easier installation

Our Smart Tools can further improve installation by performing multiple functions with reduced trips. Available as rental packages and supported by our highly trained field service engineers, they can also eliminate the need for diver or remote-vehicle (ROV) assistance by deploying camera technology to the tree and tools. This reduces your dependency on weather conditions, giving greater flexibility for launch scheduling and logistics.

Design advantages:

  • Smaller size
  • Fisher-friendly wellhead-protection structures
  • Innovative barrier philosophy that removes the need for a separate tree cap
  • Simplified installation


Shallow Water Vertical Tree (SVXT)

Our Shallow Water Vertical Tree (SVXT) is 20% lighter and 30% shorter than traditional tree-on-mudline systems. Using the field-proven 13-5/8”wellhead system, the SVXT offers a light architecture arrangement with options for mudline conversion and its optimized, modular, core block components are fully integrated with Baker Hughes's control systems.

The SVXT features fisher-friendly wellhead protection structures and an innovative barrier that removes the need for a separate tree cap. With a simplified installation process, reduced diver and ROV intervention, and a gas-lift option, the SVXT offers you significant cost and operational advantages over a fixed platform or semi-submersible drilled well.

The system is configured for up to three downhole functions, adding further flexibility and functionality to improve well performance.

Shallow Water Horizontal Tree (SHXT)

Our Shallow Water Horizontal Tree (SHXT) is designed to increase tubing size and delivers high performance. It integrates the latest technologies and reduces installation and operating costs. Building on the heritage of our traditional horizontal systems, the SHXT can be run with a high-pressure riser for fast and more efficient installation of the completion.

The system is configured for up to five downhole functions, including well safety valves, chemical injection, intelligent completions, and two electric functions, adding further flexibility and functionality.

Typical lead time of 11 months

Our make-to-order SVXT and SHXT variants can be delivered in 11 months.

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