Controls Software, Human Machine Interface, and Communication Networks

In a world where continually changing market conditions have become the norm, facility managers are looking for solutions that help them integrate multiple systems across their facility in ways that their operators can quickly improve their own decision making and overall impact on the plant output. Whether you are interested in our industrial control systems software, Nexus OnCore OptimumC, or looking for more turnkey HMI, network and cybersecurity solutions, we can provide the necessary hardware, software, and security to optimize, expand, and secure your existing controls communication network.

An advanced HMI for your plant brings many benefits. One is the simplification of factory operations and processes, allowing for monitoring all plant machinery. A second main benefit is the ability to see all your processes and how they are performing in real time in one place. This allows the plant manager to respond quickly to challenges or changing conditions, thus reducing downtimes, waste, and cost and improving profitability and processes. Nexus Controls can support your business needs in this evolving space.

Nexus OnCore OptimumC Software
Nexus OnCore OptimumC - Gas Turbine Screen
What it is?

Nexus OnCore OptimumC is a next-generation software platform developed by Nexus Controls to support the Nexus OnCore Control System and the Nexus OnCore Safety System. It provides acquisition and processing of industrial field data, process and protection control, and human-computer interaction in a user-friendly software operating environment. This easy to use platform enables efficient industrial process control strategy and convenient system maintenance and management for users and gives them the flexibility to make programming changes as needed.

How it Works?

The software architecture for Nexus OnCore OptimumC software provides a consolidated license for both the controller software package and the HMI software package.

The controller software package is installed on the Nexus OnCore Control System controller, or the Nexus OnCore Safety System controller, enabling process control functions such as data communication, process I/O interaction and real-time control and protection. The system software platform is the QNX® Neutrino® real-time multiple task operating system.

The HMI software package is installed on the Nexus OnCore HMI computer, providing such tasks as system configuration, control logic configuration, industrial engineering real-time control and system maintenance and management. The software package supports Microsoft Windows 10 or later, and offers the following features:

  • System application console
  • Integrated system configuration tools
  • Process graphic building tools
  • Real-time process monitoring software, including process graphic display, trend display, etc.
  • Historical data collection software
  • Report production and collection software
  • System self-diagnosis and alarm management software
  • Virtual controller technology
Human Machine Interface and Communication Networks
What is Human Machine Interface?

A Human Machine Interface is any tool or feature that is created so that humans can interface with machines. Most common HMIs are touchscreens and keyboards that connect users to machine, systems, or devices. These are necessary components to any up-to-date network system as machines in plants are being used. Plant managers and operators use HMIs to automate machinery or production lines. Controls engineers need to have working HMI equipment to keep their systems performing their best. From multi-touch control panels to push buttons to PCs and tablets, HMIs do a lot of work for us, but you need to make sure they are in excellent working order.

The Nexus Controls Experience: HMI and Network Communications

Nexus Controls offers a complete portfolio of Nexus OnCore HMI and Communication Network products in addition to support of your GE Mark HMI fleet. Our global engineering and service teams upgrade over 600 HMI systems annually across multiple industrial verticals including Renewables (Hydro, Solar, Wind), Thermal Power, Oil and Gas, Petrochemical, Metals, Chemicals and Pulp and Paper verticals.

The HMI, network, and cybersecurity turnkey solutions we provide address hardware, software, and security obsolescence including the ability to optimize, expand, and secure your existing controls communication network. Nexus Controls HMI solutions include state-of-the-art thin client and traditional thick client HMI hardware with the latest Microsoft Windows® software.

HMI Product Overview & Benefits of Our Advanced Solutions

Our portfolio of HMI & Network Communications products allows you to customize your protocol interfaces all in a secure network architecture. We offer advanced remote-control and access solutions for unmanned remote site startup as well as remote centralized control room solutions over a secure connection which includes controller hardware and software logic upgrades.

SCADA Solutions and Services for Remote Operations

We offer a variety of products to support your plant continuing to run at optimal efficiency. This list includes SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) RTUs, network switches, firewalls, and routers. If you need to remotely monitor from your existing facility or another facility located off-site, we are able to set this up to run efficiently. We offer a number of integration options to communicate with other systems you may have that we can tie into our controls network.

Contact Nexus Controls For Best-in-Class HMI and Cybersecurity ICS Solutions 

Nexus Controls offers the tools you need to be in control of the HMI, Cybersecurity, and network security needs of your plant. Our experts are on hand to answer your questions and provide solutions that best fit your needs.

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