Full STEM Ahead at the Colorado School of Mines

Science, Technology, Engineering and Math

Full STEM Ahead, a Baker Hughes program, is a hands-on program designed to engage middle school girls in STEM topics (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math). In this program, 7th and 8th grade students are invited to a week long summer camp, hosted at the Colorado School of Mines. During camp the students have the opportunity to try out fun and educational activities, connect with mentors, and learn about studying science, technology, engineering, and math. Then in following years they can continue their engagement and learning through periodic sessions held at the girls’ schools and through alumni days held at the annual camp. This program strives to keep girls engaged in STEM throughout their middle and high school years.

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Why We Do It 

In recent years, STEM Camps have sprung up to encourage middle-school girls to think differently about their interests. “We’ve seen girls from 12 to 15 years of age develop interest in STEM subjects that they might not have been exposed to before,” said NPI Program Manager Jill Berg. “Our vision is to help them carry those interests right through high school and college.”

Global Commodity Leader Marie Kuhlmann agrees. “It’s not a one-shot endeavor for these younger girls,” she said. “There’s a clear path for them as they move through high school with STEM subjects that will continue to offer opportunities as they discover their career options.” 

“I’m a School of Mines alumna, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity we’ve had to partner with the University,” said Controls Engineer Carly Blaes. “My favorite day of camp is the final day where the girls get to rotate through three fun activities, including a scavenger hunt at the geology museum, pouring molten metal in the foundry, and solving math puzzles to get out of an escape room.”

FullSTEM Ahead Girls Camp

The Mines Co-Founder for this initiative, Jenifer Shafer, said “It’s been such a joy to be affiliated with this camp for several years. Liquid nitrogen ice cream is always a hit and it’s a great opportunity for girls to be exposed to so many female leaders in science and engineering. Representation matters and we are able to highlight that in this camp.”

The girls were enthralled by the wealth of potential pursuits at Mines. “Spending time at the school introduced the girls to life on a college campus, including all the resources available like a working manufacturing site,” said Mechanical & Platform Systems Engineer Mariah Hake. “We asked them about their favorite activity during the week and the metallurgy demonstration in the foundry was definitely one of the favorites!” 

Stefan Maier, the programs executive sponsor, is keenly aware that the STEM women make personal investments in this venture. “Each Control Solutions’ female scientist, engineer and mathematician represent an enduring role model for young girls,” he said. “The amount of commitment these women put into this program is astounding, and I laud them for their efforts.”

Initial One Week Middle School Camp

This is a unique week-long summer day-camp for current 7th and 8th grade girls at Alameda International and D'Evelyn Junior High.


Hands-on university experience, with an exclusive curriculum focused on science and engineering. Introduction to topics like biology, aviation, computer science, geology, chemistry, materials science and more! Activities including an escape room adventure, creating metallurgy jewlry, and making Nitrogen ice cream. Mentoring from accomplished women in industry. 


Colorado School of Mines in Golden, CO & Nexus Controls in Longmont, CO.


Cost: Free for selected participants! Camp is sponsored by the Baker Hughes Women’s Network in collaboration with the Colorado School of Mines. 

Transportation: Bus transportation will be available between Alameda/D’Evelyn schools and camp.

Ongoing Engagement

Our Ongoing Engagement program gives students who have attended a camp additional opportunities to engage in STEM learning and activities throughout their years in high school. Volunteers from Baker Hughes, Colorado School of Mines, and other organizations connect with the students multiple times throughout the school year in either a classroom or virtual environment. These sessions cover a variety of topics from different STEM disciplines and it is our goal to always provide the students with a hands on experience to get them more and more excited about careers in STEM. Additionally, we get to invite these students back to camp for an Alumni Day each summer. The girls will get to participate in different and age appropriate STEM activities and the new campers will get to see girls just a few years ahead of them continuing their STEM journey.


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Baker Hughes

Baker Hughes is an energy technology company. Operating in over 120 countries, Baker Hughes is developing the technologies to take energy and industry forward.

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Colorado School of Mines

The Colorado School of Mines prepares graduates who are industry-ready scientists and engineers known for their work ethic, problem-solving ability and teamwork focus.

The Full STEM Ahead program is available to anyone, regardless of gender, who supports the mission to engage middle school girls in the subjects of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM).