APM has evolved. Your asset strategies should, too.

Without a structured approach to managing industrial asset reliability strategies, even the most thorough, systematic monitoring of asset health is fundamentally tactical and alone won’t deliver optimal asset performance.  

Cordant™ Asset Strategy, completes the last digital mile connecting strategy with asset health and work execution for an unmatched holistic view of asset risk, performance and cost. 

Backed by the industry’s leading experts and powerful content libraries, the platform enables an Asset Strategy Management program that allows you to quickly build, deploy, and continuously align financially optimized maintenance strategies with ever-changing operational contexts. Rather than reacting, you’ll have the enterprise-wide control and insight to plan for and deliver on mission-critical business outcomes.

How Asset Strategy Management Helps
Optimal asset strategies

To increase productivity, reduce costs and risks, and improve plant availability, you need the best strategies in place. Optimal digital strategies deliver the best balance of risk, cost and performance, using all available information for each equipment type. 

Rapid strategy deployment

ASM gives you the ability to rapidly deploy new strategies or changes to existing strategies with a consistent structure and assured data quality to deliver immediate value.

Enriched master data and consistency

A generic equipment knowledge base completes your Master Data; where there is far less complexity and disparity between like equipment type strategies. Quality of Master Data improves over time and is always connected to the installed asset base. 

Data-driven continuous improvement

Site and plant operations are dynamic and ever-changing. To take control of asset performance, your asset strategies need to be dynamic too. ASM ensures strategies are continually adjusted. 

Effective governance

ASM puts you back in control, with greater visibility into what’s going on across assets and sites – and it helps you close the gap between the forecasted and actual performance of agreed strategies.

Asset Strategy Management
Featured Resource

The Complete Guide to Asset Strategy Management

Asset Strategy Management (ASM) is a structured process that enables you to gain control and effectively manage asset strategies, remove inconsistencies, and ensure your assets are up and running at their full potential enterprise-wide so you can close the gap between current asset performance and where you want to be.

Drive more value from assets

Optimal strategies on every asset all the time

Site and plant operations are dynamic and ever-changing. To take control of asset performance, your asset strategies need to be dynamic too.

As operating context changes – such as production levels, asset duties, asset condition and age, availability of materials – asset strategy should also change to manage risk, cost and performance.

Data-driven digital asset strategies

Phase 1: Build
Phase 2: Deploy
Phase 3: Sustain
industrial asset management software
industrial asset management software
Phase 1: Build

Digital Strategy Development and Optimization

Our decades of industrial asset monitoring experience allow us to build and structure reliability strategies that drive accurate modeling of performance, cost, and risk-optimized scenarios. Consolidate, structure and augment asset models to develop optimized strategies for each equipment type, for a given criticality and customize as needed for operational context. 

Rapid strategy deployment
Rapid strategy deployment
Phase 2: Deploy

Rapid Strategy Deployment

Deploying optimal maintenance strategies to an entire asset base has never been easier. Group maintenance tasks using your business rules for effective planning, scheduling, and execution. Generate EAM system compliant master data ready for direct electronic implementation.

Continuous dynamic strategy management
Continuous dynamic strategy management
Phase 3: Sustain

Continuous Dynamic Strategy Management

Reliability strategies that keep pace with operational requirements while evolving over time to reduce risk and cost for sustained performance improvement. 

  • Connect maintenance strategies to operational context to deliver asset performance  

  • Quickly respond to operational changes and update strategy for value-creation 

  • Workflow engine ensures strategy changes are reviewed, approved and implemented. 


Global Oil and Gas Producer Improves Speed, Quality, and Cost of Maintenance Builds

A super-major oil and gas producer’s capital-project maintenance builds were costing too much and taking too long using a traditional maintenance-build approach.

Webinar: Introduction to Asset Strategy Management

Implementing an ASM program ensures that optimal strategies are always deployed, quickly and efficiently, resulting in the reduction of failures, downtime and risk, and consequently, a lower cost of operations.

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