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Ethan Novek

Founder & CTO, Innovator Energy

Ethan Novek is an award-winning chemical engineer with multiple granted utility patents. He received his first issued utility patent at the age of 16 and published his first peer-reviewed journal article in the American Chemical Society journal Environmental Science & Technology Letters at the age of 17. Ethan develops novel technologies to transform underutilized or presently discarded material and energy streams into valuable chemical feedstocks or products. He has invented and is developing technologies in CO2 Capture, CO2 Conversion, Energy Efficiency, Electricity Storage, Renewable Energy, and Resource Recovery. 

  Ethan founded Innovator Energy to commercialize and deploy his patented CO2 capture technology, CO2 Evolution® and patented ammonia abatement cycle, RecovAm™. CO2 Evolution® is the first and only CO2 capture technology powered by power plant and industry condenser water.  RecovAm™, reduces the energy required to recover dilute ammonia in agricultural and industry waste streams into pure ammonia using 95% less energy than current ammonia recovery technologies.   

Among Ethan’s awards are Forbes 30 Under 30 – Energy and Carbon XPRIZE SemiFinalist.  Ethan has been featured in Mission Magazine, Quartz, CNN, National Geographic, Crane’s and Yale Engineering Magazine.