Gain greater confidence in your perforating system’s performance—before it is deployed downhole—at the Baker Hughes Pine Island Perforating Technology Center. A state-of-the-art research and testing facility located northwest of Houston, Texas, the center is revolutionizing shaped charge performance by recreating downhole conditions during testing.


Full-service design, testing, and development

The Pine Island Perforating Technology Center is dedicated to testing and manufacturing perforating guns and shaped charges for any well application you require. Our advanced laboratory and performance evaluation services mimic your specific downhole temperatures, pressures, and formation conditions to ensure that the perforating system we deliver gives you the in-field performance and productivity improvements you need.

Testing services include shooting perforating charges into analog rocks at pressures up to 25,000 psi (1724 bar) and temperatures as high as 350F (177C). All testing follows industry-accepted standards, including API RP 19B, Section II and Section IV requirements for evaluating charge performance and tunnel geometry. Such testing enables our completions and perforating experts to optimize perforating charge development to ensure increased penetration depth and perforating efficiency in your wells.

The technology center also houses our R&D, engineering, manufacturing, and modeling resources for wireline and tubing conveyed perforating systems. The comprehensive, end-to-end services provided at the Pine Island center help ensure that your shaped charges and perforating guns will perform precisely as you require—with the highest safety, consistency, and cost effectiveness.

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