To make the best asset development decisions, you need accurate insights on the makeup of your reservoir—insights that come from precise reservoir modeling services.  

The Baker Hughes reservoir modeling portfolio gives you in-depth subsurface intelligence that reduces uncertainty and clarifies your field planning. Our expansive applications include: 

Subsurface modeling, which quickly and accurately evaluates your reservoir—from relatively straightforward lithologies to even the most complex geology.  

Geomechanical simulations, which provide detailed insights to optimize the performance of individual wells or the entire reservoir.  

Collaborative model visualization tools, which provide a seamless platform for visualizing and sharing models and affording a data-rich, detailed view for all stakeholders.  

High-potential, low-risk field planning 

With these reservoir modeling tools as part of your field planning toolkit, you can: 

  • Pinpoint risks. Track geomechanical risks and potential geologic hazards. 
  • Take control. Mitigate abnormal well control issues and define safe operating windows to minimize pressure-related non-productive time. 
  • Improve your assessments. Perform accurate uncertainty assessments to identify your highest risk drilling and production scenarios.  
  • Enhance existing functionality. Build on your geological models with custom algorithms and connect to proprietary subsurface databases to sharpen your reservoir simulation.  

Let’s work together to develop reservoir modeling strategies that take the guesswork out of your field planning for maximum production at minimal risk. 

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