The JewelSuite™ subsurface modeling application from Baker Hughes is an innovative, powerful tool to quickly create precise geological models — regardless of the reservoir’s structural complexity — in half the time as traditional solutions. This modeling tool can seamlessly transfer into any industry standard simulator. Reservoir models can be updated and modified easily with new well information or alternative geological scenarios to optimize field development plans and drive greater production. 

With its revolutionary gridding technology and advanced structural modeling capability, the JewelSuite subsurface modeling application allows faster, better, more robust evaluation of the most complex geology. 

The application can rapidly build multiple scenarios and accelerates analyses of alternative possible outcomes for determining optimal field development plans. Reservoir models can be updated and modified easily with new well information or alternative geological scenarios to reduce the uncertainty that inevitably exists beneath the earth’s surface. 

The JewelSuite application gives you a rich understanding of your reservoir to position your wells properly, construct them effectively, and accurately predict recovery. 

JewelSuite's patented gridding technology and innovative approach to structural modeling enables you to model complex structures without over-simplifying the data – providing a high-fidelity representation of your reservoir's true geology. 

Advantages of using JewelSuite subsurface modeling services include: 

  • Faster, more precise modeling: Precise geological models in half the time 

  • Superior gridding technology: Realistically describe structurally complex reservoirs using Baker Hughes’s superior technology 

  • Innovative fluid modeling workflow: Remove the requirement for a 3-D grid for defining fluid distribution 

  • Integration capabilities: Run multiple scenarios to reduce uncertainty and seamlessly integrate with flow and geomechanical simulation 

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