• Get two barriers for well control
  • Reduce nonproductive time (NPT) and flat time for logging
  • Make faster and more informed operational decisions based on logs

  • Open hole and cased hole wells
  • Conventional wells, unconventional, and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells
  • Challenging borehole conditions employing complex drilling methods



Proxima™ advanced logging services from Baker Hughes give you assured solutions for your logging needs regardless of the operating environment, well condition, or hole size—without compromising on safety, speed, or accuracy.

Whether you’re logging in complex drilling environments, challenging hole conditions, or slimhole production sections, Proxima logging services provide comprehensive solutions to meet any wireline logging challenge—quickly, safely, and accurately.


Capture log data with unparalleled speed

With Proxima services, you’re assured no wasted runs. The logging assembly, with the application-specific Baker Hughes drill bit, gets you to total depth (TD) quickly. Log at up to 60 feet per minute while getting full-resolution, high-quality log data. The Proxima hardware platform uses on-the-fly data processing so that your data is complete and ready immediately after the logging run—letting you make critical operational and production decisions quickly.


Conduct your logging runs with the highest safety

Proxima advanced logging services give you the confidence to log in conventional or managed pressure drilling operations, and in any hole condition, with a full range of deployment capabilities:

  • Conventional wireline
  • Through drill pipe
  • Coiled tubing
  • Wireline tractor
  • Slickline memory logging

Proxima provides two barriers for well control in your through-pipe logging services, The first barrier comprises two downhole safety valves—a primary and a secondary backup—in the BHA near the bit. These safety valves will isolate the bore in the event of any influx from downhole.

The second well control barrier is the surface pressure control equipment, which is used for tool deployment and to provide complete control of the well.


Ensure the highest data accuracy in any well condition

Proxima logging services deliver accurate datasets, regardless of your hole size, wellbore environment, or conveyance method—and with no compromises for tool size.

Our logging tools are versatile and maintain the depth of investigation and vertical resolution of larger diameter logging systems. And with no loss of data accuracy at up to 350° F (175° C) temperature and 20k psi (137.9 MPa) pressure ratings, Proxima is the premier logging system in its class.


Convey in any way and log from anywhere

With so many conveyance options available, you can use Proxima logging services to perform real-time or memory through-pipe operations, access ultra-slim boreholes, navigate through highly tortuous well trajectories, and reach long horizontals—all while keeping the logging tools fully protected during the entire run.

And with the Log from Anywhere service, Baker Hughes logging specialists can maintain full control of Proxima logging services while working remotely—reducing your costs and risks associated with travel to the well site.

Remote logging also facilitates real-time collaboration with your subject matter experts anywhere in the world, letting you make faster and better decisions for your next development steps—for individual wells and the field as a whole.

Contact us to learn how Proxima advanced logging services can give you accurate, detailed downhole data to ensure safe and efficient operations, in every well and every time.

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