Fabio Massimo Bombacci

Chairman & CEO, Elettra Investimenti

After graduation in Business Administration from the LUISS University  (Rome) in 1983, he joined Irvin Aerospace Spa as a controller being first promoted to General Manager and than to Chief Executive Officer in 1991.

From 2000 to 2003 he was in charge as a Vice President of the Industrial Association of Latina, as well as member of the Executive Council and of the Executive Committee.

In the same time he also served as Chairman of the Consorzio Energia Latina and until the 2006 he held the role of board member in Consorzio Regionale per l’Energia.

Since 2004 he held the position of CEO in Alea Lazio Spa, a company set up by the Latina Chamber of Commerce and co-owned both by Assindustria Latina and Federlazio Latina with the aim of creating small cogeneration plants.

In 2005 he founded Elettra Investimenti Spa, and yet hold the position of Chairman and CEO. In 2015 Elettra Investimenti was listed on AIM Market at the Milan Stock Exchange.