Cordant Asset Performance Management

Cordant Asset Performance Management 1.0 combines health, strategy and defect elimination capabilities into an integrated environment for a complete and quantified view of asset related risk and cost opportunity.

The Cordant APM Insights dashboard leverages advanced analytics and connected data sets to surface key insights that drive continuous improvement and unlock productivity. With prioritized and quantified alerts, organizations are empowered to make insight-led decisions to achieve the optimal balance of performance, cost, and risk.

Quantify and Prioritize Risk

Quantify and Prioritize Risk Enterprise-Wide

Create a comprehensive asset health and risk profile to identify areas of significant risk in alignment with corporate risk frameworks and appetite.

Reduce Maintenance Cost

Reduce Maintenance Spend

Optimize asset strategies in real-time to ensure cost optimal maintenance on every asset, all the time. Reduce unplanned failures through advanced degradation detection and management.

Drive Continuous Performance Improvement

Drive Continuous Performance Improvement

Deliver significant productivity gains in operational agility, with sophisticated insights driving improvement workflows across asset health, asset strategy, work execution priorities and defect elimination studies and solution implementation.

Our Differentiator

A New Approach to Asset Performance Management

Cordant APM removes the limitations of a traditional, siloed approach to asset performance management and surfaces quantified insights that enable you to understand risk, prioritize work and drive more predictable performance.

The Cordant APM Insights dashboard leverages connected data sets from across asset health, strategy and defect elimination and brings it together in a single, quantified view. Teams are empowered with a new level of data-led focus - cutting through the chaos of alarms with risk cards offering a clear view of priorities and risk levels across the enterprise.

Seamless connection between data sets allows users to dive into the health, strategy and defect elimination modules from the APM Insights dashboard to understand the detail and action next steps.

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Prioritize Risk
Identify and prioritize risk across an enterprise
Deploy Strategy at Scale
Leverage corporate intelligence and best practice across the organization and deploy correct actions at scale, creating optimal gains in efficiencies and asset performance
Optimize Workflows
Assign and track work orders directly within Cordant APM to close the loop and drive performance improvement
Quantify Your Effort
Quantify the cost and risk and demonstrate the return from retired risk to justify the value of your reliability program

Solution Modules

Asset Performance Management Modules and Capabilities

Cordant Asset Performance Management seamlessly connects capabilities across asset health, strategy, and defect elimination to unlock productivity and enable insight-led decision making at scale.

Cordant Asset Health, built on System 1

Delivers real-time understanding of asset health status and risk profile to make timely and informed decisions.

Cordant Asset Strategy

Ensure that optimal asset strategies are in place and being executed across all assets, all the time by aligning strategy to current operational context, asset age and condition.

Cordant Asset Defect Elimination

Record all defects, prioritize for analysis, and using root cause analysis determine effective solutions to prevent recurrence.

Cordant APM Use Cases

Cordant APM Prioritize

Prioritize Work Based on Risk Level

Insights combine with sophisticated failure mode models to provide a sound foundation for data-driven performance management, helping organizations prioritize activities to manage cost and risk in line with corporate risk frameworks and current risk appetite.

Cordant Manage Screenshot

Manage Performance Enterprise Wide

Reduce downtime through proactive strategies and sophisticated health monitoring.​ ​Forecast cost, risk and performance to ensure effective strategies are aligned to operation goals.

Cordant APM Optimize

Drive Continuous Improvement

Achieve significant productivity gains with increased operational agility. Sophisticated insights drive improvement workflows across asset health, asset strategy, work execution priorities, and defect elimination studies and solution implementation.​

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