• Achieve one-trip window exits in difficult formations
  • Lower risks and costs in intervention operations
  • Ensure quality casing exits to reach previously bypassed reserves

  • Challenging formations and hole conditions
  • Hard, abrasive formations



Gain greater efficiency and reliability in your casing exits with proven mills and accessory tools from Baker Hughes. Whether you aim to solve problems or gain faster access to new reserves, count on our range of casing exit systems to get your exits done faster, more efficiently, and with minimal risks.


Ensure high-quality casing exits for wide-ranging formations and hole conditions

Our mills and accessory tools enable one-trip window exits in difficult formations. A complete line of accessory tools ensures efficiency and reliability in your most challenging intervention operations.

  • Reliably access and operate measurement-while-drilling (MWD) equipment lower in the well with the WindowMaster™ whipstock valve, PathMaster™ whipstock system, and hydraulic-set anchors/packers.The valve is actuated hydraulically by varying flow rate in the drillpipe, with no manipulation of the drillstring required. The internal pressures above and below the valve are equalized to prevent accidental actuation. You’ll gain vastly improved operational efficiency by ensuring complete annular isolation, robust packer/anchor setting, and MWD whipstock orientation.
  • Ensure a one-trip casing exit and extended rathole in hard formations like sandstone, limestone, and dolomite with the PathMAKER™ formation mill. Enhancements improve milling and drilling performance, including a specially engineered spiral-set cutter alignment that reduces vibration. The mill’s large watercourses also keep the PDC cutters cool for increased durability. While certain hard formations typically require two trips to mill the window, the PathMAKER formation mill can do it one trip, saving you time and money.
  • Reliably produce long, full-gauge windows for passing large openhole completions, external casing packers, and turbines with the SilverBack™ window mill. Used in our premium casing-exit systems, the SilverBack window mill is compatible with WindowMaster G2 and PathMaster whipstocks and provides a true, one-trip casing exit in most formations. The full-gauge mills provide a drift window and rathole to total depth, thus allowing directional drilling to begin immediately after the casing exit is completed.
  • Improve milling performance through hard steels by fitting milling tools with the METAL MUNCHER™ advanced milling technology (AMT) AMT cutting inserts exhibit minimal wear after cutting through hard steel. Their reinforced edges resist chipping and feature high-performance, strong-bonding carbide chemistry that enables faster cutting.
  • Recover your whipstock in the event of the anchor or packer failing to release with our Shear-type disconnect. A safety release shear joint run below a retrievable whipstock assembly, this disconnect is rotationally locked. Adjustable shear rings allow the same tool to be dressed for different release loads.
  • Prevent swabbing of the well during whipstock retrieval with our Unloader valve. The valve provides an exit path for fluid that has entered the excluder port. It is rotationally locked to withstand high torsion loads and provides an indication that the whipstock is free.
  • Prevent debris from getting around your anchor or packer assembly with our EXCLUDER™ sub. The sub can be run as a debris barrier on all whipstock systems. A port above the cup prevents swabbing during retrieval. A nonported EXCLUDER sub is available for use with hydraulic setting tools.

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