Contractual Service Agreements (CSAs)

Take advantage of predictive analytics, expertise, and continuous certification to improve drilling availability and reduce operational costs. With a Baker Hughes's engageDrilling™ CSA, you can enhance BOP system availability by transferring the responsibility for BOP performance—including the management and service of equipment—to us.


No time for downtime

Drive performance with engageDrilling Services. CSA options include:

  • Incentivized BOP performance for increased system availability and optimized between-well maintenance
  • Baker Hughes onshore and offshore personnel, including highly trained Field Service Technicians, operating personnel, and customer service representatives
  • Optimized maintenance programs (planned and unplanned)
  • Management of parts
  • Overhaul and repair
  • Continuous certification
  • Data monitoring, analytics, and collaboration
  • Management of change


An industry first

The first in the industry to provide a BOP performance guarantee to customers, Baker Hughes tailors its services to meet the needs of your fleet. Only a Baker Hughes CSA provides incentivized system availability. Using industry-leading technology, our model creates a pathway for integrating new technology into your fleet.


engageDrilling Services features and benefits include:
  • Improved uptime for increased performance
  • Reduced operational and maintenance expenses
  • Incentivized system availability
  • Easy integration with new technology
  • Full support for both planned and unplanned maintenance
  • A long-term commercial, operational, and technical partner

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