Retrievable and feedthrough production packers from Baker Hughes provide superior annular sealing solutions for your wells, while affording efficient resetting and removal to minimize costs.


A range of retrievable options

Optimize your completion with our high-performance, retrievable production packers, which are designed to be versatile, reusable, and removable for any well application.  

And in your wells that include an intelligent completion system design, our feedthrough retrievable packers allow control lines to be deployed to provide power and communication with equipment lower in the wellbore. 

Removable production packers are also available to provide you the same pressure and temperature ratings as a permanent packer, but with the option of easy removal when required. While these packers are designed for one-time use, they help minimize your removal costs without the need for milling out.

You get additional versatility by selecting multiple options to set these packers:

  • Mechanical, via tension set or compression set
  • Pressure, via hydraulic set or hydrostatic set
  • Wireline

Our range of retrievable packers gives you greater cost control and flexibility in your completions operations in several ways.

  • Save rig time and reduce costs. Save time on workovers and milling costs with our production packers that are easily removed from the wellbore for reuse
  • Achieve greater flexibility. Use our retrievable production packers to efficiently access secondary recovery operations, recompletions, and changes in production tubing
  • Maintain efficient communication along the wellbore. Monitor conditions in the wellbore below the packer and control equipment like electric submersible pumps with confidence

Contact us to learn how our retrievable and feedthrough production packers can optimize your completion design.


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