Adapted to your needs

We offer flexible solutions in order to comprehensively report seismic monitoring:

  • On multiple supports: dedicated web-reporting platform, text messages, phone calls, emails
  • With adjustable service range: network state of health alert, seismic activity warning, automatic or validated by an analyst
  • Upon customized periodicity (Real-Time, within EOB, weekly, monthly)

We focus on customer operational objectives and provide alerts and support when needed—365/7/24 activated on demand.



We manage any kind of (micro)seismological data, in terms of:

  • Format (SEGY, SEG-2, Mini-Seed)
  • File or trace arrangement
  • Recording mode (continuous, triggered)


High quality

Automatic processes are always combined with operator quality control to deliver reliable results: all (micro)seismological events are validated by an expert analyst. We use location algorithms and procedures optimized for the local constraints.

Digital deliverables customized by business & end-user


microseismic monitoring


Corner stones for smart monitoring
  • Keep track of the system performance—automatic heath-check indicators & warnings
  • Provide event detection and peak ground vibration (PGV) in near real time—automatic "peak activity" warnings
  • Manage data transfer and data preservation from the monitored site to our monitoring center—data management
  • Spread the relevant information to the right people—via text messaging, email and web-reporting platform
  • Trigger relevant processing validation by an experienced analyst—periodic expertise and/or warning trigger expertise and/or on-demand expertise


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