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FAQ | Temperature Calibrator
How is the reference probe for the PTC165 re-calibrated?

For recalibration of the Reference Probe, the Probe needs to be connected to the PTC 165 and calibrated as a complete system.
The errors in the Reference Probe are corrected for in the PTC when an adjustment is performed.

The Reference Probe is not calibrated as an individual item.

Is there a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for the Silicone Oil supplied with the LiquidTC165?

The MSDS for the Silicone Oil supplied with the LiquidTC 165 is attached. 

What is on the CD supplied with the Dry/Liquid Temperature Calibrators? Does 4Sight2 or Intecal V10 support these calibrators?

The CD supplied with the temperature calibrator only contains the drivers for the RS485 to USB converter, the User Manual K0551, the Quick Start Manual K0550 and the Communication Manual K0552. It does not contain any communication software.
At the moment 4Sight2 does not support the Dry/Liquid TC temperature calibrators. However support is planned in release V1.5 due end of March 2020.
Intecal V10 does support the Dry/Liquid TC temperature calibrators but unlike our portable calibrators you cannot download procedures and upload calibration data, you would need to drive it through Intecal in real time, please see the "Automation for the calibration test bench" section of the attached Intecal V10 datasheet.
Alternatively the customer can source their own communication software.

Can the DryTC adapter sleeve have 12 x 3.5 mm bores drilled?

The adapter sleeve is available with 12 x 3.5 mm bores and 13 x 3.5 mm bores

What are the details of the lead from the Dry TC converter box to the USB port on the PC?

One end of the lead needs to have a Mini USB plug to go into the converter box, the other end of the lead needs to have a USB A connector suitable for connecting to the PC.

Does the current setup on LiquidTC165 support the Infra Red (IR) function or does it need to be installed?

To install the Infra Red function a new setup of the three controller functions will be required.
All three functions will then need a new adjustment and new calibration certificates issuing.

The instrument will need to be returned to have the work listed below carried out:-
a) Supply of Sleeve for Infra Red Temperature Measurement

b) Linearisation of Infra Red Function

c) Adjustment of LI, DB and IR Functions

d) Calibration of LI, DB and IR Functions


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