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Multifunction Calibrators

FAQ | Multifunction Calibrators
Can the DPI620G be in Standby mode when the Data Logging?

Data cannot be logged in Standby mode – the processor is effectively put to sleep. 
While Data Logging if you press the power button to go to the Power Down menu, the message “Power down not allowed in current mode” is displayed. Thus preventing access to select the Standby mode.

What is the DPI620G Cold Junction Drift Specification and does battery charging affect it?

We currently have Genii DPI620G units which we are regularly seeing CJ temperature As Found results out of specification @±0.2°C. We have to raise a deviation investigation into each and every failure because these units are calibration standards and have been found to be out of specification against the published Technical Data (Datasheet).
However, the ±0.2°C is only quoted in the documentation as an uncertainty specification and we are enquiring whether this is a realistic specification when accounting for annual drift between calibrations.
We accept that the unit should be adjusted back within this specification but is there a more realistic annual drift specification where you would still consider the units to be operating accurately?

It has also been noted that the CJ temperature can vary considerably if the units are used when on charge.
We are assuming that this is due to internal heating effects from the battery charging, can you please confirm if this is the case and whether you would advise that the units are only used without the charger connected ?


In the user manual it mentions calibrate the CJ range to be within ±0.1°C accuracy. 

The ±0.2°C uncertainty quoted in the datasheet is correct which includes the 1 year annual drift specification. 

Yes plugging in the charger will make the reading unstable due to heat generated. Using charger while calibrating the CJ you need to leave the instrument switched on until it reaches a stable reading (minimum: 1hour since the last power on) then perform the calibration.

Calibrating the CJ range by powering the instrument via battery would be preferred method, which will allow readings to stable quicker.

Is there a list of DPI620G Foundation Fieldbus Compatible Devices?

Attached is the FF device list as of Software Revision DK420 V03.20.01
The list is the same for the DPI620G / DPI620G-IS as the FF device list is part of the Main Application DK420.

What is the compatibility between the old PV62X and DPI620 with the new DPI620G?

Attached is a DPI 620 compatibility table for PV62X & MC620

How to update the DD libraries for Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus on DPI620G?

The Foundation Fieldbus and Profibus DD Libraries are part of the instruments Main Application (software DK0420). Upgrading to the latest version of DPI 620 Genii software will ensure you have the latest DD Libraries.

The DD's on the manufacturers website are not in the correct format for the DPI 620G therefore cannot be directly added.
If there are any DD's that are not in the current library then the you will need to provide us with the DD for us to format, we can then supply the procedure to add it to the library.

Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) DPI 620G-IS Battery Pack

The MSDS for the Battery Pack Assembly is attached > download here

DPI620G / DPI880 - Minimum Load for mV/TC Sourcing

We don't have a specific value but would suggest that the impedance of the device should be 10M ohms or greater.
The DPI 620/880 will provide the correct voltage at the output terminals with lower impedance devices but then cable resistance will become more significant.
Generally voltage input devices tend to have a high input impedance so should not be an issue.

DPI620G-IS not recognizing PM620 sensor

If the PM620 is working, but isn't been recognized by the DPI620GENII-IS when connected to the pressure base. Then this could be due to signal or 5Vdc missing from the terminal. Check across the terminals for signals, as per shown below,


Power the DPI620GENII-IS on and you can then measure the 5V dc at the two outer terminals shown in the diagram above. With instrument switched off you should see between the two middle terminals resistance approximately 9.36K ohms.

If no voltage or resistance then it could be that either base or digital board that is faulty and would need further investigation. Recommendation is to return the instrument back to Groby Service Centre for repair.

What is DPI620G Genii error "CH1 Source Error"

The error message is likely to be caused by a hardware issue.
The instrument will need to be returned for investigation/repair

Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) DPI620 Battery Pack

Attachment contains the MSDS > download here

How to install / update the DPI620G HART Library

The HART Library needs to be installed on the instruments SD card and not the internal memory.
There are two methods to upgrade the HART Library:-   
1. Using the upgrade procedure in the User Manual K0541 Issue 2 - First ensure that the instruments USB Client Port is set to Storage Mode. Access the USB CLIENT PORT setting as shown below and ensure that the USB CLIENT PORT is set to Storage mode and not Communications.

Connect the USB lead from the PC to the Mini Type B USB port on the instrument.  
The Internal SD card should then be seen on the PC as a removable disk as shown in the image below.

The HART Library zip file can then be extracted to the SD card.

2.  An alternative method to upgrade the HART Library would be to remove the battery from the instrument and then remove the SD card from its carrier within the battery compartment. Plug the SD card into the PC or a card reader. Extract the HART Library zip file to the PC and then copy the HCF folder to the SD card (Note - remove the existing HCF folder first).
Refit the SD card to its carrier and then re-fit the battery to the instrument.
On power up the new revision of HART Library should be shown in the Software Status menu.

Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) DPI610 and DPI620 Battery Pack

Attached are the 2 battery MSDSs depending on product.
DPI 610/615 = Sanyo
DPI620/Genii = Varta

Can DPI620-IS communicate with HART Version 7 devices?

The DPI 620IS does not support HART Version 7 devices as the DPI 620IS is based on Windows CE 5 which doesn't have enough memory to run version 7 devices.
You could try upgrading the DPI 620IS software to the latest release to see if it will detect the HART 7 devices.
Alternatively you can choose the option to connect using Generic mode, however this will have reduced functionality.
For HART version 7 devices we recommend using the DPI 620 Genii or DPI 620 Genii-IS with the latest software installed.

Can DPI620G-Lite be upgraded to enable HART and Foundation Fieldbus communication?

It is possible to upgrade Genii Lites to have HART and FF communication.
The instruments will require returning to the factory for reprogramming, the FF option also requires some hardware adding and the FF Licence Installing.
The instrument label will also require updating to reflect the model change.
Our Customer Care team can provide you with a price for the upgrade.

DPI 620G - Battery Pack Specification Change

Battery Pack Part Number 127M8449-1 is the battery pack that we now supply for the DPI 620G
The information on the datasheet needs to be updated with the ratings for battery pack 127M8449-1. The reason for the small capacity change in the battery was due to an update to the cells from our supplier.
The top level part number IO620-BATTERY remains the same.


Why does the DPI620G-IS lose HART connection with transmitter?

It appears from the video that as the current increases towards 20 mA the transmitter resets. This may be due to insufficient supply voltage at the transmitter terminals. As the current increases the voltage drop across the internal 250 ohm HART resistor and the Internal Impedance of the PSU (100 ohm) also increases which means the voltage at the transmitter terminals reduces. This may leave insufficient supply voltage to power the transmitter.
At 20mA there will be a 7 Volt drop across the internal 250 ohm HART resistor and the Internal Impedance of the PSU (100 ohm). As the supply voltage from the Genii-IS is 15V this only leaves 8 Volts to power the transmitter. If the minimum operating voltage of the transmitter is more than 8V then you will need to use a different connection method.
You can use an External Supply - see connection method in section 2 of the attached document.
If an External Supply is not available then you can use the Internal Supply with the HART resistor turned off. Using this method the Impedance of the Internal PSU acts as the HART resistor - see connection method in section 4 of the attached document. Note that you cannot measure the loop current on channel 2 using this method.
If you do require to use the Internal Supply and also to measure the loop current then you need to use Channel 1 to measure the loop current - see connection method in section 4.1 of the attached document.

What maximum resistance can the DPI620G-IS drive a 0-24 mA current?

Using the internal supply of the Genii-IS to power the current source you would be limited to a maximum resistance of around 525 ohms at 24 mA.
This is due to the Genii-IS having a 15 Volt internal power supply with an impedance of 100 ohms. At lower currents the resistance can be higher eg at 4 mA you could have a load of 3650 ohms.

What is the maximum data log points recorded on the DPI620G SD card ?

Approximately 2 to 3G Bytes of the SD card are used for the HART Library.
If we assume 500 bytes per reading, then 5Gb/500 bytes = 10 million samples - which equates to nearly 4 months continuous logging at 1Hz.

Why is there no Settings menu is available when using a gauge PM620 with DPI620G?

There was a bug in Software Rev W that was causing the issue.
To fix the issue upgrade the instrument software to the current version.

The current version of software can be downloaded from:- 

What does "Voltage Error" on the DPI620G Channel 2 mean?

Fault due to a bad solder joint on Channel 2 COM terminal. Recommend replacement of Analogue Board.

Similar to '000012592 and '000010427. Delete and use 000012592

The instrument will need returning to the factory as an additional board has to be fitted and then the FF Licence has to be installed.

What is the Uncertainty of the DPI620 Thermocouple Channel

The uncertainty of the Cold Junction is not included in the uncertainty of the selected Thermocouple channel.
The uncertainty of the Cold Junction needs to be added to the uncertainty of the selected Thermocouple channel for the overall uncertainty of the DPI 620.

How to update the DPI620 HART Library

You can try copying the library to a 4GB SD card:- Note Micro SD HC is not compatible.
Alternatively you can just copy the manufacturers folders for Siemens, Emerson and Vega from the latest library to the existing 2GB micro SD card. The instructions to do this are attached.

The latest HART library can be downloaded from the link below:- https://www.industrial.ai/sites/g/files/cozyhq596/files/2019-09/dpi620g…

DPI 620 - CH2 24V Output Not Working When Sourcing mA

Has an attempt been made to calibrate the mA output on CH2?

If the calibration has been done incorrectly then this can stop the 24V output from working.
When you calibrate the CH2 mA output you need to use an external power supply.
The Polarity of the external supply needs to be reversed for the -24 mA calibration.
The minimum point for the -24mA range is entered as +24mA and the maximum point as +0.2mA.
It might be worth carrying out the above adjustment procedure to see if the 24V output is then restored.

Can the DPI620 touchscreen glass be replaced?

The glass is part of the touchscreen, therefore the touchscreen will have to be replaced. The part number for the touchscreen is IS620-7.

Getting DPI620G error "Genii.exe" and "Can't find PInvoke.DLL" during Software Upgrade

The Application has probably been upgraded before the OS. From DK420 V02.06.03 the OS has to be upgraded before the Application.
Re-install the old Application by inserting a USB memory containing the old Application, power up the instrument and keep the power button held down. The instrument will display the message "Force Upgrade Yes/No", select "Yes" and the Application should install. Once the instrument is functioning correctly proceed to upgrade the OS followed by the Application.


Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) DPI 620-IS Battery Pack

The MSDS for the Battery Pack is attached.

Zero Offset on Current Measure with 24V supply on

This was caused by a bug in the software and was corrected at Application DK420 V03.10.02 (Release L).
Check the Software Status to see what version of Application is installed.
If it is older than V03.10.02 then upgrade to the current version.

The DPI 620 Genii software can be found at the link below.


Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) DPI 620G Battery Pack

The MSDS for the DPI 620 Genii battery pack is attached. 

What is the ".NET CF Initialization Error" on DPI620G Genii

The messages indicate that some of the software components have not been installed.
Re-install the software by using the "Force Application Upgrade" method.

The procedure to re-install the software by using the "Force Application Upgrade" method is described below:-

First connect a USB stick containing the current version of Genii software to the Genii.
Switch on the Genii and keep the power button held down until the message "Application Upgrade - Force Application Upgrade? Yes/No" is displayed.
Select "Yes" and the Application should install.

Note:- If an out of date OS is detected then the option to upgrade the OS first may be displayed. Carryout the OS upgrade then the Application can be installed.


How to transfer calibration data to a new replacement DPI620G Genii digital board?

It is possible to copy the cal data over so long as you can retrieve the cal data from the old digital board.

The procedure is described below:-

Note - It will be easier to follow the procedure if you plug a mouse into the Genii's USB port.

From the Dashboard select the Applications icon, then select the Desktop icon.
From the Desktop select My Device -> MMC Memory -> AMC -> CFiles
Copy the following files to the instruments SD card (My Device -> SD Memory).

User Settings

The SD card can then be fitted to the new Digital Board.
In turn delete each of the above files from the new Digital Board and then copy the old file from the SD card to the CFiles Folder.
Once completed all ranges should display in white digits, any ranges showing blue digits will indicate an un-calibrated range.
Carryout a calibration verification to confirm that the data has been successfully transferred.

If you need to re-enter the serial number then from the menu select Calibration and enter the pin 1129, the serial number can then be entered.

DPI620-IS not measuring or sourcing & CPLD Software Version Showing V0.00.00

As the inputs and sourcing are not working on either CH1 or CH2 then it looks like the PSUs or battery fuses may have blown in the CH1 and CH2 circuit.
To check if it’s the battery then you can try a known working one or you can check the battery circuits by measuring the contact voltages.
There are five pairs of contacts for the five internal circuits, these are shown in the photo below. The Battery Voltage is measured between VBAT and GND.
The Battery Voltage is nominally 3.6 V, but with a fully charged battery can be initially as high as 4.2V.
The PSU can be checked by substituting the case base with a known working case base. If the PSU is faulty then the internal fuses have probably blown and a new case base would be required. 

Unable to Zero the Remote IDOS sensor on DPI880

The zero problem is likely to be caused by outdated software.
Check the version of software installed in the DPI 880, if the software version is 01.00.00 then the software will require upgrading.

To view the software version:-
From the home screen select the Settings icon, then select the Information icon, the software version should then be displayed.

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