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FAQ | Pressure Modules
Which module carrier (MC620) connects to the pressure sensors to the DPI620G-IS?

The MC620-IS module carrier is used on the DPI 620G-IS as well as on the older DPI 620-IS.
We do not sell another one specifically for the DPI 620G-IS.

The MC620-IS is a little bit more difficult to fit onto the DPI 620G-IS, but it does fit.

Is there any information regarding the pressure code on the PM620 label?

A code for the pressure range is used to create the part number for the sensor.
The table below is from our sales order document.
The two columns on the far right show the part numbers that are given to the sensors depending on their pressure range and whether it is a Commercial or IS version.
For example if a customer orders a 35 bar g PM620 then a part number of PM620-14G will be created on our manufacturing system for the sensor. 

Is there a Temperature co-efficient for the PM620?

The accuracy of the PM 620 is specified as "Total Uncertainty 0° to 50°C for 1 year" 
We do not provide a Temperature Co-efficient for the PM 620.

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