• Ensure high-quality core retrieval and storage
  • Monitor shock and temperature of your samples during transport
  • Reduce your HSE risks

  • Coring operations in remote rigsite locations
  • Coring operations in high-risk applications

To maintain a quality core sample from the field to the lab, you need reliable and robust core processing and transportation. The Baker Hughes CoreCare™ service sets the industry standard for quality wellsite core processing, storage, and transportation.


Reliability at every step

The CoreCare service plans and executes every stage of core handling and transportation with the end result in mind—to deliver a quality core that ensures the most accurate and detailed reservoir analysis. Proper handling of the core at the wellsite is planned with your analysis objectives in mind.

Working with our expert coring teams, you can be assured that your cores are delivered for analysis with assured handling techniques that prevent their exposure to air or other contaminants. This begins at the wellsite, with state-of-the-art core recovery systems that secure the inner tube during removal and immediately stabilize your cores by injecting quick-setting epoxy, foam, or gypsum into an inner barrel.

To minimize any risks of filtrate invasion to your cores, we use special plug samples for immediate evaluation or shipment for off-site analysis, as your requirements dictate. And if you’re drilling in remote locations, we provide a full range of core-processing equipment at the well site.

To maintain the quality of your cores during transportation to the lab, the CoreCare service’s transportation equipment includes specially configured containers that are optimized to match your specific core sizes. Our containers’ beehive foam inserts enable field engineers to load your core from the front in a horizontal orientation—reducing personnel HSE hazards and minimizing any risk of core damage. Our containers have also replaced the large, swinging doors with roller ports that eliminate pinch points, particularly when exposed to wind.

For further assurances of your core’s integrity, we also provide an optional time-based record of any shocks and temperature changes during transportation. The tracking and recording system can either be attached to the CoreCare transportation container or to a dummy core stored in the container. You get a full report on shipment conditions, potential damage to the core, and input to optimize future transportation once your cores have been safely delivered for laboratory analysis.

Contact us to learn how CoreCare services can help you ensure pristine core sample delivery for optimal analysis.

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