• Wells with contaminated, lightweight, or foam cement
  • Deepwater wells with modified cement

  • Highly tortuous wellbores
  • Gas or CO2 storage wells



Our Integrity eXplorer™ cement evaluation service provides accurate information that helps operators gain an understanding of the cement bond—regardless of weight or contamination—to make critical downhole decisions with confidence.


Evaluates the widest range of cement weights in the industry

Using patented electromagnetic-acoustic transducer sensor technology, the service can obtain measurements accurately across the widest range of cement weights in the industry—with weights as low as 7 ppg. This makes the service ideal for evaluating contaminated, lightweight, and foam cement slurries.


Measures in any wellbore fluid environment

Capable of measuring the cement bond in any wellbore fluid environment, the Integrity eXplorer service eliminates the need to add unnecessarily wellbore fluids for evaluation. By generating acoustic waves directly on the casing, the service provides measurements in air-filled boreholes and gas-cut mud systems.


Detects the presence of a microannulus

The Integrity eXplorer service eliminates the need for expensive and time-consuming procedures to pressurize the casing for evaluating cement with a suspected microannulus. In a single pass, the service can detect the presence of a microannulus and the quality of cement with industry-exclusive sensor technology.


Insensitive to moderate decentralization

The sensors are mounted on a pad design engineered to make it insensitive to moderate decentralization—ensuring log quality is not compromised and making it ideal for demanding deployments in highly tortuous wellbores.


Provides on-site deliverables

With the data provided by the Integrity eXplorer service at the rig site, operators can make faster decisions regarding long-term zonal isolation.

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