Single platform for all your BOP control needs

SeaONYX® is Baker Hughes’s next-generation surface control system and operator interface, based on an industry-proven Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) platform. With its highly simplified architecture and compact design, SeaONYX delivers maximum performance at the lowest cost of ownership. Reliable and configurable, the system leverages Commercial Off the Shelf (COTS) components with a hot-swappable feature, which enables easy maintenance and maximizes availability.


HMI operator


Features and benefits:

  • Simplified modular design, with redundancy and smart integrated feedback
  • Improved user experience, using higher resolution and easier navigational displays
  • Easier maintenance from hot-swappable components, significantly reducing mean time to repair. System controllers and I/O modules can be individually replaced online without disturbing the rest of the system, avoiding costly downtime.
  • Enhanced troubleshooting and diagnostics, with ability to detect wire breaks and isolate faults
  • Improved diagnostics with SeaLytics™ BOP Advisor: SeaLytics provides cloud connectivity, remote access to electronic snapshot of BOP subsystem health, and context to data for faster decision making
  • Single control platform and one tool to manage on-rig surface and subsea BOP controls
  • Capability to operate seamlessly with Gen 2 MUX PODs and SeaPrime™ Subsea MUX Control System PODs
  • Compliant with ABS, DNV, API 16D and NORSOK regulatory standards
  • Straightforward retrofit in existing rigs equipped with Gen 2 control systems




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