• Determine multiphase flow velocity ad holdup measurements with sensors distributed around borehole
  • Combine with RPM services to obtain three-phase holdup measurements
  • Quantify water flow behind casing and monitor reservoir formation water, oil, and/or gas saturation

  • Production and injection profiling
  • Vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells
  • Diagnosis of production problems



Optimize your production strategy with the PhaseView array production logging service from Baker Hughes. With its arrays of noncentralized sensors, the PhaseView service gives you multiphase evaluation of fluid velocity, along with phase identification (holdups) in vertical, deviated, and horizontal wells.

Get accurate production logs in your complex well geometries

Wellbore conditions play a major role on the quality of diagnostic data obtained during logging operations. In highly deviated and horizontal wells, oil, gas, and water can segregate into individual layers that move at different velocities—with lighter phases rising to the high side of the wellbore.

Such conditions require logging instruments that deploy multiple sensors across and around the wellbore to detect and quantify the individual phase amounts and velocities for accurate flow rate determination and production profiling.

The PhaseView array production logging service is designed to optimize your production logging in these complex wellbores. With multiple sensors distributed circumferentially around the borehole, the service effectively determines multiphase flow velocity and holdup measurements. It also delivers profiles that you can use to improve your production planning.

The service also assures reliable, accurate reservoir measurements in your complex gravel-pack and slotted-liner completions as well as selective completions with tubing, external packers, and annular flow.


Maximize your formation insights with a fully integrated offering

Gain greater insights into production logging and formation evaluation by combining the PhaseView service with the Reservoir Performance Monitor (RPMTM) service. The combined service offering can give you accurate three-phase holdup measurements, quantifiable water flow behind your casing or annular flow completions, and real-time measurements of your formation fluids.

Contact us to learn how the PhaseView Array production logging service can provide sharper clarity to your multiphase evaluation measurements.

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