Streamline workflows

The Field Data Capture (FDC) application reduces NPT across your service operations and unlocks the potential of your digital assets.

  • Streamlined and digitized workflow integration
  • HSE, equipment, chemistry, and inventory processes
  • Synchronized off-grid entry and on-grid updates  
Improve collaboration

The service digitizes and streamlines collaboration among field technicians, account managers, operations, and customers.

  • One interface for all on-site service personnel
  • Effortless communication and information sharing
  • Full visibility of field operations processes
Increase efficiency

The FDC application brings together oil and gas field operations through a single, intuitive, and domain-focused application interface designed for integrated real-time decision making.

  • Comprehensive historical data and decision support
  • Near real-time task verification and status reporting 
  • Consistent processes and continuous improvement 


The FDC application creates a single point of data entry for on-site oil and gas service processes. It digitizes and streamlines the collaboration between field technicians, account managers, operations, and customers.

The service also accelerates our pursuit of connecting to our Integrated Data Stream, enabling faster data transfer and superior analytics.

Operating seamlessly as a mobile application, the FDC application streamlines critical compliance activities by eliminating the need for paper based HSE forms and creating a digital, shareable archive. It also improves the efficiency of equipment checks, creating standardized checklists and workflows for status and inventory reporting.

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