• Streamline chemical delivery and ensure dosing accuracy and consistency
  • Minimize miles driven and optimize route planning to reduce carbon emissions
  • Reduce HSE risks associated with miles driven and manpower on site

  • Producing oil and gas wells on batch chemical treatments
  • Remote well sites

Many oilfield production and injection wells require batch chemical treatments to flow effectively. But keeping track of these treatment programs has historically relied on manual record keeping and operating systems—which add time, inefficiencies, and safety and environmental risks to the process.


Boost batch treating operations with automation advances

Improve the efficiency and economics of your batch chemical treatments with smart treater trucks from Baker Hughes.

Smart treater trucks deliver automated well treatment via integrated smart technology that includes both software and remote monitoring. The trucks incorporate real-time delivery management programs driven from a tablet-based system.

As each truck moves around your field, the GPS location of the truck is captured and directs the driver to the well site requiring treatment for improved on-time delivery. The software then automatically confirms the chemical name, required quantity, and water flush volume prior to commencing treatment.

Other features of the smart treater trucks include:

  • Fully automatic valves and water flushing to deliver the chemical batch treatment—with no manual valve movement required
  • A treatment hose “in-truck” engagement feature that ensures that the truck’s transmission will not engage if the hose is still attached to the wellhead and/or not holstered to the truck
  • A grounding verification system that ensures that all equipment is safely grounded—chemical treatment will not be able to start without positive grounding verification

Once the treatment is complete, the exact quantities used are fully captured and the treatment is time stamped.


Ensure efficient treatment with lower field risks

Smart treater trucks deliver considerable benefits to your batch treating operations. In addition to greater treatment consistency and efficiency, you’re assured lower risks to your equipment integrity and production profile. These trucks also improve the efficiency of your chemical inventory management—saving you money while reducing risks to personnel thanks to fewer onsite visits. And with less manual valve engagement and robust grounding and hose disconnection features, your HSE risks are significantly reduced.

Contact us to learn how smart treater trucks can deliver a step-change to your batch chemical deliveries.

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