• Reduce wireline deployment risks while protecting cable integrity
  • Minimize risks and costs associated with complex fishing operations
  • Safely correlate and retrieve toolstring after disconnecting

  • Wireline operations using ballistic or electrical logging instruments
  • Deviated wells where cable tension cannot be transferred to the mechanical weak point
  • Cased-hole wells with higher risk of stuck tools or toolstrings



Reduce the risk of cable damage during wireline operations in your deviated, cased-hole wells with the Addressable Downhole Release (ADR) cased-hole release tool suite from Baker Hughes.

A digitally controlled and remotely operated device, the ADR suite can be separated into two pieces on command—enabling the controlled release of a toolstring downhole while leaving a clean fishing neck for the safe retrieval of wireline tools or perforating guns. This reduces your risk of cable damage from excessive over-pull of the wireline when trying to part the mechanical weak point inside the cablehead.


Select solutions for your logging needs

The ADR Suite comprises several tool versions that are suitable for cased-hole wireline logging and perforating.

  • The ADR 001 is a 2-1⁄8-in. OD tool intended for production logging operations. The tool incorporates several tools in the same string and includes a single-piece feedthrough for increased reliability and full pass-through functionality. The ADR 001 tool is compatible with the Baker Hughes Addressable Downhole Switch (ADS), which enables safe operation when using a tractor and perforating guns.
  • The ADR 201 and ADR 202 are 2-3⁄4-in. OD tools with built-in negative and positive voltage-blocking circuitry for use with all common perforating systems. The design’s simplified assembly ensures ease of maintenance, while its single-piece feedthrough increases reliability. The ADR 200 variants have undergone stringent bending-moment testing, resulting in a 200% increase in strength over previous-generation tools. You get a strengthened tool with improved durability during rig up and rig down.


Operate safely and reliably

With the ADR suite, you’re assured greater versatility, thanks to enhanced, single-piece, feedthrough rated for high voltages and currents. The suite can also be used with downhole tractors and mechanical cutting tools.

Once unlatched, the upper section of the ADR, including the main body and electronics, can be retrieved out of the hole with wireline. The lower section remains downhole with the fishing neck for retrieval. Both sections are sealed to prevent tools above or below the unlatch point from being flooded with well fluids. This enables safe correlating using a gamma ray (GR) or casing collar locator (CCL) device when pulling out of the hole.

And because all ADR tools respond only to the signal from the surface control panel and use a distinct set of protocols within a specific time period, you’re assured safer operation and low risk of accidental activation.

Use the stand-alone, portable panel to control and monitor the ADR tool in real time—giving you the precise status of the tools at all times.

The fast disconnect/re-connect process can be carried out at the wellsite for tool status confirmation. And post release, the tools can be re-dressed at your wellsite, without additional maintenance or personnel.

Contact us to learn more about how the ADR cased-hole release tool suite can safely disconnect your tools downhole.

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