Mill and retrieve your packers—quickly and reliably—with packer retrieving tools from Baker Hughes. In just one trip, our packer retrieving tools are proven to mill and pull packers from the harshest downhole environments.

You’re assured an effective, aggressive cutting action with tools like our Quick Pick™ packer milling system, which uses METAL MUNCHER™ technology as the lead cutting structure. And if these inserts become damaged, you can continue the cutting process with our SUPERLOY™ cutters as a backup. The cutting structures of our inserts quickly mill through high-chrome packers with ease.

Ensure efficient packer retrieval with an innovative retriever that is directly connected to the packer mill. The retriever, which can be engaged and released multiple times, allows for constant rotation while remaining in the engaged position, thus preventing the packer from falling when it breaks loose. The packer retriever effectively engages with a wide variety of packer designs, including packers with a seal bore or smooth inside diameter.

Work with our application specialists to find the optimal packer retrieving tool to increase your penetration rate and speed up your milling process. And with advanced cutting structures that help extend mill life and create smaller cuttings, you’ll eliminate the need to remove larger packer pieces while improving the speed and efficiency of wellbore cleanouts.

Contact us today to learn how our packer retrieving tools can optimize your packer milling operations.

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