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The Nexus nTeract™ Services Calculator Helps You Optimize to Your Operation's Needs

Are you sick of having to jump through hoops to get basic guidance on which services might be right for your operation? Are you fed up with not being able to get any pricing information without first having one or more lengthy discussions around the value that the seller believes they are providing? If this is you, you've come to the right place. Access our Nexus nTeract™ Services Calculator now!

Simply answer 9 questions about your operation, provide your contact info, and we will send you a customized service package recommendation within 2 business days (but probably sooner), complete with preliminary pricing. That’s it. No meetings required. But if you like what you see (and we think you will) then reach back out to us so we can set up a time to discuss how we can further tailor your package to meet your unique needs and provide your official discounted pricing.


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You can read more about several of our different services below. Or check out our Senior Product Manager, Michelle Rosinski's, recent article on emergency support options complete with price ranges. You can also download our whitepaper on the value of comprehensive control service solutions.


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Technical Support

Your recommended package is likely to include a block of technical support hours based on your operation’s needs. These hours may be used for any of the following support activities and unused hours may be rolled into the following year. The flexibility of these hours minimizes any risk that you will not realize value from them. The benefit of purchasing a block of hours up front is our ability to provide immediate support when you need it, without any time lags associated with POs or other overhead activities.

  • Phone support
  • Service Software engineering
  • Preventive maintenance
  • On site troubleshooting
  • Patching
  • On site Cyber Assessment
  • Remote online training
  • Informal on-site technical coaching

Our experts solve an average of 2,500 cases per year dealing with a wide range of issues, putting them in the best position to help solve any questions or issues you have.

Annual Preventative Maintenance

Your recommended package may include an annual 1 or 2 day site visit by one of our field technicians to conduct preventative maintenance on your control system. Preventative maintenance ensures the health of your control system and may catch issues before they result in a negative impact on your production. These visits can also serve as an opportunity to answer any questions you may have and plan for your next outage. Suggested preventative maintenance activities include the following:

  • Updating software and firmware
  • Dispositioning diagnostic alarms
  • Reconciling control constants
  • Addressing power supply failures and/or ground faults
  • Investigating voter mismatch alarms
  • Reviewing trip logs
  • Checking connections
  • Cleaning equipment

The output of this service will be a detailed report of any findings with recommended actions that we will review with you to collaborate on the best plan to meet your needs.

Remote Diagnostics Service

If your operation is very intolerant of downtime and needs to get back up and running as quickly as possible, we will likely recommend Remote Diagnostic Support (RDS) as an option. This service leverages state of the art technology to provide an intrinsically secure, remote connection from your site(s) to our data center. This allows our experts to help you troubleshoot your issues in real time.

There can be hundreds to thousands of potential causes for a trip or failed start and the rare nature of these events makes them even more challenging to diagnose. Each of our RDS experts has an average of 25 years experience dealing with all kinds of issues, making it a high probability that they will have seen yours before. This is the absolute fastest way to get your operation back online.

  • Typically respond within 20 minutes or less
  • Typically identify a solution to your issue within 2 hours
Cyber Asset Protection (CAP) Program

You may want to consider this service if you are required to patch your system due to industry or regional regulations. The solution supports your compliance towards cyber security regulations, standards, and guidelines, such as NEI 08-09, NERC CIP, WIB and ISA 99 / IEC 62443. With this service you will get a list of patches that have been approved for your system every month. In order to reduce the risk of any negative impact to your operation, we install these patches on the same hardware and software you have running at your site and run over 100 test cases. Over the years we have excluded many patches that we found to have potentially harmful effects on your system. This is highly recommended for any operation that performs patching.

Patching Service

We know that patching can be tedious and overwhelming. If that’s how you are feeling, we can help! Our field technicians can come to your site to do your patching for you on either a quarterly, semi-annual, or annual basis.

Or if you prefer, we can connect with you remotely on any of the cadences mentioned above to guide you through patching your own system. This would reduce the price of your patching support as it would remove the need for travel expenses. Let us know if you prefer this option.

Cybersecurity Assessment

Our cybersecurity assessment may be a good fit for you if you are unsure about the cybersecurity posture of your system. This service will assess where your system may be vulnerable and provide a prioritized roadmap of recommended mitigations. It is based on the top 20 controls recommended by the Center for Internet Security (CIS) and can help support compliance with several industry standards such as ISA99/IEC 62443 and NERC-CIP. According to the Department of Energy, implementing just the first 5 recommended controls can reduce your risk of a successful cyber attach by 85%!


Whether you are working to better understand a new or upgraded control system or dealing with knowledge gaps caused by workforce turnover, our training can help you achieve your goals.

We offer formal classroom training on your control system, network, and cybersecurity solutions. Our formal training can be conducted at your site or at our Training Academy in beautiful Longmont, Colorado. We now also offer an option for any of our courses to be conducted as live, instructor-led, remote training with access to simulated hardware and software that matches your system as closely as possible.

You can either choose to reserve an entire class for 6-8 people, or you can choose to send a smaller group to one of our shared open enrollment courses. Open enrollment courses provide a cost-effective solution for small group training that also gives you the opportunity to learn from peers at other companies.

We also offer informal coaching that can be done at your site or remotely. This is a great option to refresh your memory on formal training topics or enhance your skills after you have been working with your system over some time.

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