Réparations en interne des équipements d'inspection visuelle à distance
Remote Visual Inspection In House Repairs
Nos experts sont là pour vous aider

Nos experts de confiance s'assurent que vos produits vous reviennent dans un bon état de fonctionnement. Nos services certifiés d'étalonnage et de réparation des endoscopes sont assurés par notre personnel technique hautement qualifié, en utilisant uniquement des composants agréés par Waygate Technologies pour garantir que vos équipements vous reviennent avec des pièces d'origine. Si vous avez des questions, contactez l'un de nos centres de services régionaux.

Si vous avez besoin d'étalonner ou de faire réparer un endoscope, vous pouvez désormais créer vous-même une nouvelle RMA (autorisation de retour de marchandise) par l'intermédiaire de notre portail RMA. Ce portail vous permet de suivre le statut de vos commandes et de vos retours, et de savoir quand votre équipement nécessitera un nouvel entretien. Pour plus d'informations sur la procédure d'inscription, veuillez contacter l'un de nos centres de services régionaux.

Anciennement GE Inspection Technologies, Waygate Technologies est l'un des leaders mondiaux du secteur des solutions END, avec plus de 125 années d'expérience au service de la qualité, de la sécurité et de la productivité.

Frequently Asked Questions
Who do I contact if I need a repair?

If you’d like to speak to one of our technical service experts, please contact one of our regional service centers for support.

How does the in-house repair process work?

There are two ways in which you can request an RMA to begin the In House Repair process. You can either call or email one of our regional service centers and request a Service Request Form

Our Service Customer Care team will be able to assist you in completing the Service Request Form for the type of borescope repair service or calibration you require, and once this form is complete they will issue you an RMA

The second way is through our RMA portal where you can request new RMAs on your own and check on the status of your orders and returns. Please note that if it is your first time registering for the portal, then you will need to contact one of our regional service centers to help you with registration of the portal.

What if repairs aren't supported (i.e. product is obsolete)?

We advise our customers to migrate to the appropriate replacement product with the assistance of one of our technical sales professionals specializing in Waygate Technologies NDT equipment. 

As a result of product obsolescence, we do offer a trade-in incentive to convert to our latest video borescope technology. If you have questions regarding products that are obsolete or would like to know more about our trade-in incentive, please contact one of our regional service centers for support.

Are RVI tip calibrations included as part of my repair?


Should your probe require a camera replacement, your existing measurement tips will need to be re-calibrated to the probe after it has undergone the borescope repair service. In order to avoid delays, we recommend always sending in your measurement tips.

This calibration will be included as part of your repair. For more information regarding tip calibrations, please contact one of our regional service centers for support.

Are rental units provided while equipment is being repaired?

Rental units are available for rent at a discounted rate with all of our certified borescope repairs. To qualify for the discount, you will need to provide our rental equipment coordinators with the RMA number that has been provided to you. 

For more information on what equipment we have available for rent, please contact one of our regional rental offices.

*Rental units are subject to regional availability
How do I know if my repair is covered under warranty?

For any warranty claims that are requested, a warranty check is required to determine date and physical condition of the product.

Warranty can only be validated by our Service Technicians upon evaluation. All products have a manufacturing warranty of twelve (12) months.

All product repairs are warrantied for a period of ninety (90) days. For more information on what is covered under warranty, please contact one of our regional service centers for support.

Do you offer upgrades on any of your products?

Yes, we do. Upgrades are available on the Mentor Visual iQ VideoProbe. Built for efficiency, MViQ’s new and improved flame system will increase your inspection productivity, provide more accurate assessments, and help you meet increasingly stringent standards.

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Rental Equipment

If you need a solution to unexpected downtime we have a variety of rental equipment to choose from that will get your operations back up and running. We also offer both short and long term rentals to meet your needs.

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Technical Support

Our team of experts are committed to answering your technical support questions and providing you with the support you need. They are available to assist you anytime.

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Advanced Inspection Solutions

With our highly-trained personnel and our broad product portfolio, we are able to respond to your problems and find a custom solution.

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With online and in person training, we can help you perform next level inspections.

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Service Agreements

Whether you choose the Visual Care plan or the RVI FLEX plan, you can rest assured that our technicians will help your equipment stay up to date and running smoothly.

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Visual Care Plan

A comprehensive service plan for video borescopes

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Choose our new managed equipment services subscription for remote visual inspection equipment.

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Everything you need to know about our Visual Care plan.

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