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  • Run complex algorithms rapidly and deliver intelligent load shedding
  • Automation of safety and process critical circuit breaker operations
  • Proactively identify potential issues, improving power system security and reliability

  • Processor-based technology
  • Custom-programmed automatic load assignments
  • Advanced simulation

  • Offshore and onshore oil and gas, LNG
  • Data centers
  • Water treatment




With a robust design continually evolved over 30 years, our BRUSH™ Power Generation PRISMIC® power management system (PMS) is an extremely powerful and flexible safeguard against power outages and the related disruption and cost. It's a comprehensive solution for any industry, location, or application—from oil platforms to financial data centers.

Each bespoke PRISMIC PMS is tailored to meet your specific organization and site requirements, and power system topology, with all design data meticulously controlled and recorded. It therefore avoids all the limitations of generic PLCs or off-the-shelf equipment modules.

PRISMIC is easy to use—with a fully featured Windows-based interface to navigate through the comprehensive range of displays and settings.

Designed with IEC61850 at its core, PRISMIC provides interoperability with IEDs from all manufacturers, simplifying system integration and limiting the need for custom communication protocols.


Extremely rapid intelligent load shedding (ILS)

ILS can be initiated in less than 10 ms, and our algorithms ensure that only the minimum number of load feeders are tripped—minimizing disruption to operations.

Load priority assignments are easily adjusted by operators using the HMI software, or automatically using intelligent algorithms, to best fit individual plant operational needs.

Controlled load reduction is also possible to avoid the need for load shedding, for example by reducing thruster pitch.

Gradual-overload, under-frequency, and rate-of-frequency-change load shedding functions are also provided to protect the power system from a cascade failure and blackout.

PRISMIC power management systems



Intelligent load shedding

10 ms


  • Voltage
  • Frequency
  • Power
  • Mvar/power factor

Load-feeder inhibition

Load-feeder reconnection

Controlled load reduction

Operator control via HMI

Data transfer to DCS/SCADA systems

Interoperability OEM IEDs (IEC61850)


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