Geophysics services from Baker Hughes provide a full range of seismic processing services—from pre-survey modeling to post-survey processing—for your most challenging reservoirs. You get critical insights to your reservoir’s composition and production potential—insights you can use to optimize your well planning and field developments for maximum long-term production.

Geophysics services are a key component of the Baker Hughes reservoir technical services, which deliver geophysical, petrophysical, and geological expertise to optimize your reservoir development for maximum hydrocarbon recovery. Working with our geophysicists, you’re assured precise seismic planning, execution, and analysis that includes:

  • Survey modeling to simulate wave propagation and design of your sensor network’s optimal geometry
  • Front-end design to conceptualize, identify, and decide upon the best seismic equipment and system architecture for assured communication and data flow
  • Smart monitoring to track seismic measurements, provide near real-time event detection and peak ground vibration, and transmit relevant information to key team personnel via text messaging, email, or web platforms
  • Seismic data processing to provide detailed, precise reservoir information that improves well completions, reservoir stimulation, and production optimization planning

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