Reservoir engineering services from Baker Hughes give you the answers you need to fully characterize your reservoir’s production potential.  Through detailed engineering analysis conducted prior to or in conjunction with your reservoir simulation studies, you gain insights that will optimize your long-term hydrocarbon recovery.

Drawing on our geophysical, petrophysical, and geological expertise, reservoir engineering services give you critical insights to the condition and production potential of your reservoir during the exploration stage. The output from our reservoir engineering services include:

  • Reservoir simulation modeling
  • Decline curve, material balance, and analytical model forecasting
  • Well testing and stimulation
  • Reservoir management

Armed with this output, you get answers to several of your most critical reservoir development questions:

  • Reservoir characterization
  • Primary recovery
  • Waterfloods and polymer flooding
  • Hydrocarbon miscible floods
  • Acid gas injection
  • Carbon dioxide enhanced oil recovery and sequestration
  • Thermal recovery
  • Tight gas and gas condensate production
  • Gas storage
  • Reservoir model reviews and audits

After carefully characterizing your reservoir, our reservoir engineering experts work with you to build well-defined simulation models.  Use our reservoir simulation services to evaluate the effects of key reservoir and fluid properties on your oil recovery potential. This is especially useful for your more complex reservoirs in which simple analytical methods will not yield good results. And by integrating these simulation results with surface planning requirements, you can create a robust field development plan.

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