Our subsea connect intervention solutions are designed to deliver up to 50% cost out reduction and 50% increase in productivity by leveraging our best in class technology, talent and project management expertise. We are able to achieve this by integrating individual products, services and technologies into a single seamless solution that is focused on the best possible outcome for our customers.


Integrated solutions that make doing business easy

Our Intervention Solutions are a truly integrated offering that enable us to deliver unparalleled value to our customers. By bringing along Baker Hughes’ proven track record in adjacent services such as reservoir, well services, well access, best-in-class service facilities, personnel, and project management and digital tools, we deliver a totally different economic return model to our customers.

First, we pull together the best technology solutions to connect to the well and work inside the well, supported by a large multi-disciplined workforce and shop support infrastructure around the globe. With a track record of over 100 agnostic wells (meaning not only Baker Hughes trees, well heads, completions but those supplied by other OEMs, too) we have credibly demonstrated our ability to work with any equipment.

Next, we ensure we have the optimal partners based on location and application. Then, we plan the operation/campaign, ensuring we configure or engineer all services to provide a seamless “one-stop-shop” solution that addresses our customer’s priorities.  

Finally, where appropriate, we bring in innovative commercial models that ensure full alignment of all concerned parties.


Reduce costs and optimize cash flow

Baker Hughes can help you optimize cash flow by reducing operational costs through faster pumping rates and lower vessel rates, which lead to improved production. We have achieved cash-flow improvements of 40 to 50%.


Best-in-class equipment

Providing scale squeeze, hydrate removal, acid stimulation, and flow assurance, Baker Hughes provides life-of-field subsea intervention with best-in-class equipment and services.

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