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The HEAVY METAL™ swarf-free section milling service, by Baker Hughes, eliminates swarf-to-surface through a unique upward milling process, depositing swarf deep in the rathole, allowing a robust rock-to-rock barrier.

Section milling is a conventional method for casing removal during plug and abandonment (P&A) operations where annular well integrity is compromised or questioned. The removal of casing by milling a window provides full access to the virgin formation, enabling placement of a rock-to-rock barrier. Swarf is an unavoidable byproduct of section milling, generating thousands of pounds of sharp metal cuttings that have to be removed from the well. Retrieving and handling the swarf is a time-consuming and costly process and poses additional health, safety, and environmental (HSE) risks, and often times operators will opt for less reliable options, like perf-and-wash, just to avoid swarf.

We offer the HEAVY METAL™ swarf-free section milling service to provide a reliable solution without the negative side effects of swarf. It eliminates swarf to surface through a unique upwards milling process, depositing swarf deep in the rathole, while still enabling a secure rock-to-rock barrier. This unique system reduces time and costs in half—eliminating the need for swarf removal and the risks that swarf presents to people, equipment, and the environment.


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A dedicated project management team oversees your entire P&A project—from the planning phase through final abandonment—all with a strong focus on safety and efficiency. With a single point of contact, you achieve a simplified, streamlined process that helps reduce time and minimize risk.


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