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  • Get bi-directional isolation at up to 10k psi differential pressure, 15k psi collapse pressure, and 400°F
  • Withstand erosion and debris effects with metal-to-metal seal and non-elastomeric construction
  • High-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells
  • Deepwater applications
  • Pre-salt applications



Get reliable wellbore isolation with the Vault™ mechanical barrier valve from Baker Hughes. Built for your most demanding lower completion applications, the innovative isolation ball valve allows for multiple openings throughout the life of your well.


Get assured isolation in your most extreme environments

The Vault mechanical barrier valve is engineered to provide a robust, gas-tight seal while withstanding harsh wellbore environments—including high debris and high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) conditions. The valve’s fully non-elastomeric design and metal-to-metal ball and seat interface help ensure reliable isolation without the risk of leaks due to degradation of elastomer components.

The Vault mechanical barrier valve has been thoroughly tested and qualified to ISO14310 V0 compliance to offer a complete V0 barrier envelope if combined with the SC-XP™ packer. The valve has also consistently demonstrated zero gas leakage and a bubble-tight seal in tests up to 10,000psi differential, 15,000psi collapse, and 400°F ratings. The erosion-resistant, debris-tolerant construction helps ensure a quality seal for as long you need to isolate the well.

The valve can be opened mechanically with three types of shifting tools:

  • A service string shifting tool can be used at the end of the service washpipe on the initial run. The valve will be closed as washpipe is pulled out of hole.
  • A coiled tubing shifting tool can be used to either open or close the valve. It can also be configured to run on wireline.
  • A completion string shifting tool can open the valve when completion washpipe is run into hole. If the completion washpipe is ever pulled out of hole, this shifting tool will close the valve.

 The Vault mechanical barrier valve can be opened and closed multiple times for the life of the well.

And for your applications that require remote actuation, the Vault™ hydraulic valve offers the same functionality as the mechanical valve, but can be remotely opened multiple times by applying differential pressure.

Contact us to learn how the Vault mechanical barrier valve can give you reliable zonal isolation under your most demanding well conditions.

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