• Provides highest load capacity with casing sizes from 7.0 to 20.0 in.
  • Can reliably anchor in both directions
  • Allows for washing/reaming to bottom

  • Applications with heavy drilling fluids
  • High solids content wells
  • Liner rotation to reach the desired setting depth

The FLEX-LOCK™ V liner hanger system from Baker Hughes is optimized to help you reach the desired liner setting depth in extreme downhole conditions containing heavy drilling fluids and high solids content.

It can be rotationally locked to prevent component back-off during rotational operations and can be equipped with a bearing to allow for rotating after the hanger is set while cementing.

A hydraulically balanced ControlSET version is available to give you the ability for unrestricted circulation pressure without risk of prematurely setting the hanger, which is useful for ream-down or drill-down applications. In addition, double-grip slips can be added to allow over-pull of the hanger after setting and prevent your liner from moving up-hole.

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