Sliding sleeve valve technologies from Baker Hughes control flow and manage pressure along the wellbore, or between the tubing and annulus, by allowing you to selectively choose which zones are open or closed. When desired, the sliding sleeve can be hydraulically shifted open or closed, or mechanically controlled using standard wireline methods and a B-type shifting tool.


Isolation solutions for any application

Achieve reliable communication and control flow between the tubing and annulus with Baker Hughes's SLCMD and SLCMU mechanical sliding sleeves. These isolation valves feature long- and short-slot designs with upward and downward opening options to allow you to selectively shift multiple zones. Unlimited open and close cycles give you a cost-effective circulation and selective-zone production option for the life of your well. And to ensure compatibility with your completion fluids and drilling mud, the SLCMD and SLCMU sleeves are custom-engineered and built from non-elastomeric materials.  

Ensure effective long-term isolation with Baker Hughes's CMP Defender sliding sleeve valve. The valve’s spring-loaded shroud is secured with a mechanical interlock and shear screws to ensure reliable setting. The valve is installed in the open position with ports shrouded and has a remote opening capability to minimize trips downhole.

Achieve effective zonal isolation in your deepwater wells with Baker Hughes's HP Defender sliding sleeve valve. Proven CM sliding sleeve technology can be installed with the sleeve open or closed for additional flexibility. And with remote opening and re-closure, the valve delivers cost-effective and reliable isolation to manage pressure and flow in your remote, challenging deepwater wellbores.

Our Secure Inner Flow valve gives you a reliable isolation option for the lower zone in multizone completions. The valve’s sliding sleeve and concentric flow path control flow from below. The valve is designed with metered opening that allows applied pressure to be bled off for added safety. The Secure Inner Flow valve is equipped with remote opening, with a contingency mechanical opening mechanism, and mechanical close.

Prevent fluid loss or production from your upper zone during upper completion installation with Baker Hughes's SAF-1 Select-A-Flow valve. The valve’s central thru-bore allows for lower zone production flow. Flexible remote opening options include the application of tubing or annular pressure separately, or a combination of the two. 

Achieve bi-directional isolation in your multizone completion with Baker Hughes's X-AFV Re-Closable Annular Flow valve. Installed in the upper interval, the valve delivers positive zonal isolation without the need for an intervention. The X-AFV valve can be mechanically reopened and re-closed with a shifting tool and has an optimized flow area for maximum production flow.

Our array of sliding sleeve valves deliver a number of operational benefits to your completion design or production scenario.

  • Maximize efficiency. Optimize your flow control and ensure the integrity of your completions with valves offering remote opening and contingency mechanical opening options
  • Optimize your completion design. Prevent fluid losses and maximize production in your preferred interval with assured isolation and selective flow control
  • Save time and money. Minimize the risk of downtime and reduce overall completion and production costs with proven, high-performance sliding sleeve valves customized for your specific well requirements

Together, let’s find the optimal sliding sleeve valve solution to maximize production from your multizone completion.

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