Tubing retrievable safety systems from Baker Hughes give you assured well control and isolation at any setting depth, in almost any well completion.


Safety systems for wide-ranging applications

Meet your regulatory requirements for subsurface safety valves in your well’s completion design with a full range of applications.

  • Ensure cost-effective protection in shallow water wells with the Baker Hughes S Series subsurface safety valves.
  • Get reliable isolation in cement-through and frac-through applications with the CementSafe™ Series valve.
  • Ensure fail-safe performance in deep-set wells, even high-pressure/high-temperature (HP/HT) wells, with the REACH™ subsurface safety valve.
  • Get the redundancy and operational assurance your remote deepwater wells need with the DeepShieid™ deepwater subsurface safety valve.

Whatever your completion requirements, our tubing retrievable safety valves deliver several benefits to the long-term operation of your wells.

  • Ensure a high-integrity seal. Maintain a quality seal with self-equalizing system designs that avoid the risks associated with conventional failure modes
  • Maintain functionality in extreme environments. Avoid a failure with designs that provide redundancy via two independent operating systems that reliably perform in harsh, debris-laden environments
  • Conform to regulatory requirements. Deploy systems that meet API 14A regulations designed to protect personnel, infrastructure, and the environment

Contact us to learn how Baker Hughes tubing retrievable safety systems can ensure reliable, robust performance in your critical applications.  

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