• Protect your downhole tools from damaging debris
  • Protect your reservoir against debris infiltration
  • Improve flow rates to reduce rig time
  • Completions and workover operations
  • Land, shelf, and deepwater applications

Protect your downhole tools and equipment from damaging completion fluids debris with the High-Pressure Debris Filtration Unit (HPDU) from Baker Hughes.

This unique filtering system removes debris from your completion fluids. Used with diatomaceous earth (DE) and cartridge filtration, the system removes small or large solids from pits, valves, pumps, and other equipment before those solids can enter the wellbore.

The system ensures easy installation in your system by connecting directly to your rig standpipe, downstream of rig tanks and high-pressure pumps. It is ideal for your land and offshore applications and can operate in 10,000 psi (690 bar) environments. In deepwater operations, an additional HPDU filter can be connected to your boost line to remove debris before it enters the system through the flow path.

Contact us today to learn how our HPDU can optimize your well construction by removing damaging completion fluids.


Case Study
High-Pressure Debris Filtration Unit (HPDU) captured 100.5 lb of solid debris at standpipe
pdf: 546.95 KB
.pdf 546.95 KB
Case Study
High-Pressure Debris Filtration Unit captured 68.2 lb of debris in deepwater Gulf of Mexico well
pdf: 468.7 KB
.pdf 468.7 KB

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