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Our JewelSuite™ Reservoir Stimulation application is a dedicated, fit-for-purpose tool that combines the power of JewelSuite with the trusted, industry-leading MFrac™ fracturing design and evaluation simulator. The JewelSuite Reservoir Stimulation application enables you to quickly identify the optimum stimulation strategy for multiple stages along multiple wells, execute sensitivity and uncertainty studies, estimate production and economics results with built-in simulators, and export results to a reservoir flow simulator. 

With the JewelSuite Reservoir Stimulation application, you can quickly import industry standard data, including wellbores, well logs, hydraulic fracture designs, and micro-seismic data, and visualize all relevant sub-surface data in 3D views. With the data in place, you can iterate between completion and stimulation designs to predict what works best for your target zone. A data-driven advisor suggests stage and cluster placement, enabling you to rapidly set up a run and populate many stages along a lateral well.

The application has built-in case management and manages different scenarios, wells, logs, and designs all within one solution file, enabling you to focus on optimizing the stimulation plan with consistent data rather than spending time with data import, export, and file management.

With the JewelSuite Reservoir Stimulation application, you can confidently make informed decisions concerning well spacing, well placement, landing zone, stage spacing, stimulation method, fracturing fluids and proppants, treatment rates and volumes, and hazard avoidance for optimized hydraulic fracturing designs.

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