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  • Get quantitative C1-C8 gas measurement at the well
  • Quantitatively detect inorganic gases
  • Ensure safe gas extraction with multiple sensors and automatic shutdown
  • Managed pressure drilling
  • Any drilling environment

Get accurate wellsite gas analysis with the Baker Hughes TRU-Vision™ advanced reservoir characterization service. By ensuring constant thermodynamic conditions during extraction and analysis, the service provides reliable, quantitative formation measurements that you can use to improve the precision of your reservoir potential assessment.


Get detailed reservoir characterization for better decisions

The service accounts for extraction variables in temperature, volume, and flow to provide a true quantitative analysis of over 27 unique compounds and isomers—including C1-C8,BTEX compounds, inorganic gases, and total gas “out.” 

The service acquires these measurements with higher resolution than conventional mud logging, giving you more detailed insights into the heavier compounds in your reservoir. Use these insights to make more informed, faster decisions for:

  • Sample point identification

  • Reservoir maturity

  • Seal capacity

  • Completion design insights

  • Improved placement of future wells


Combine measurements to improve your formation insights

Gain further insight into your reservoir’s properties by combining the TRU-Vision advanced reservoir characterization service with the HC-Vision™ reservoir characterization service. Pairing these services enhances your reservoir characterization for improved completion design and future well placement.

Add the STRATA-Vision™ service, which uses industry-standard geochemical and mineralogical techniques at the wellsite, to improve decisions for drilling, testing, and completing the well. This information will not only give you a detailed understanding of your reservoir’s mineralogy, but you’ll also gain deeper insights into the source and maturity of the hydrocarbons present.

Contact us today to learn how the TRU-Vision advanced reservoir characterization service can sharpen the understanding of your reservoir’s production potential.


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