Determining the production potential of your formation is the crucial first step in developing your field or adding new wells. Logging While Drilling (LWD) Formation Evaluation services from Baker Hughes can give you the downhole information you need to improve your asset development and completions strategies. Acquiring data while drilling has the advantage of enabling fast decision-making and reducing drilling risks. When LWD measurements are taken, the reservoir is not contaminated by fluid invasion or borehole problems.

Full-spectrum evaluation

Get crucial information on any aspect of your formation’s composition and structure, with a comprehensive set of LWD evaluation tools and services.


Gain detailed understanding of your formation’s structural framework, fracture patterns, sedimentary features, and in-situ stress orientation with our borehole imaging and lithology tools. Get in-depth insights to your formation’s lithology and quantities of hydrocarbon-in-place with our OnTrak™ Integrated measure while drilling and logging while drilling  gamma-ray and multiple-propagation resistivity services, LithoTrak™ Advanced LWD porosity and density  service and MagTrak™ Magnetic resonance (NMR) service.


Optimize your drilling and completion programs with a detailed understanding of how your formation responds to downhole stresses. Our imaging logging services like the StarTrak™ High-resolution electrical imaging service and ImageTrak™ Ultrasonic borehole imaging service generate high-resolution images to improve your drilling, completion, and production decisions at the wellsite. Achieve greater insights by combining acoustic imaging tools with our SoundTrak™ acoustic logging-while-drilling service and access to critical formation information that maximizes drilling efficiency and enhances wellbore stability.


Reduce risk and uncertainty in your reservoir development with our petrophysical data acquisition and analysis services. Our full suite of petrophysical evaluation services, including the OnTrak, LithoTrak and MagTrak services helps you accurately quantify your hydrocarbon volumes in even the most challenging environments.

Let’s work together to develop the right formation evaluation strategy and optimize your field development plans.

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