Wells with a single electrical submersible pumping (ESP) system face a myriad of production-limiting challenges, including limited horsepower and ESP flow rates, high workover costs, casing corrosion risks, and little control over production zones. Upper completion accessories from Baker Hughes deliver innovative solutions to help you overcome these constraints and enhance recovery from challenging reservoirs.


Systems suited for specific requirements

Select completion systems custom designed to suit your well parameters and production objectives.

  • Casing protection ESP systems for wells with casing integrity and corrosive fluid issues
  • Parallel ESP systems for wells with high productivity indexes and high potential rates
  • Dual back-up ESP systems for wells with high workover costs or challenging access
  • Dual boost ESP systems for wells with lower productivity indexes that require a large draw down

With our completion systems, you get proven solutions to optimize the operability of your ESP system.

  • Reduce downtime and lifetime intervention costs
  • Increase draw down in constrained well geometries
  • Improve zone management and contributions
  • Save on installation-related rig time and costs

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