Fluids monitoring and reporting services from Baker Hughes ensure that your drilling fluid systems are delivering and maintaining peak performance during every phase of your well.


Monitor fluids properties precisely, accurately, and consistently

When delivering a Baker Hughes drilling or completion fluids service, Baker Hughes ensures consistent performance through ongoing monitoring of key fluid properties including the fluid’s temperature, density, chemistry, and rheology. Other data that could impact the fluid system or its performance such as fluid loss, volumes and transfers, pit and system level concentrations, and inventory and service costs are also closely monitored and communicated to clients. Experienced rigsite fluids specialists conduct these checks multiple times each day as part of any standard Baker Hughes fluids service.

For customers drilling within narrow pressure windows or working in other applications requiring more frequent measurements, Baker Hughes can employ the i-Trak™ Automated Fluids Monitoring (AFM) service. The i-Trak AFM service uses an advanced, in-line device with a full, open-bore design to automatically monitor and report real-time density, rheology, and temperature of a drilling fluid entering the wellbore. These measurements can be used in conjunction with other i-Trak automation services to optimize performance in multiple areas of well construction including hole cleaning, rates of penetration, and pipe tripping operations. Additionally, the i-Trak AFM services can be leveraged as part of an integrated operation leveraging multiskilling and remote support to minimize personnel on board.  


Gain insights and drive improvements with detailed fluids reports

Baker Hughes’s Drilling and Completion Fluids Reporting (DCFR) software is a comprehensive reporting application for all well reporting and fluid analysis services. DCFR software is a cloud-hosted application with robust database for wellsite data collection and end of well recaps.

Reports generated from DCFR software are available to remote workers via a web application. These daily reports are kept in sync with the cloud database for end-of-well recaps that can be used to capture best practices and drive continuous improvement.

Contact a Baker Hughes representative today to start a conversation about how our fluids monitoring and reporting services can help you drive efficiencies and improve your operations.

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Fluids monitoring and reporting services