Real-Time X-Ray and CT Inspection System
2D X-Ray Solutions for Automotive and Aerospace

The newest generation of Waygate Technologies’ X|cube series is faster, more flexible, and easier than ever to use. Designed for a wide range of applications, our highly versatile Compact, and XL models offer real-time radiographic testing of automotive and aerospace components, as well as castings, welded structures, plastics, ceramics, and special alloys.

Equipped with robotic motors, an intuitive touchpad option, and control desks with robust built-in monitors, our X-ray systems can meet the needs of any production environment, even those requiring higher energies up to 320 kV. Up on special request also an XXL version is available with 450 kV and unique scanning envelope of ø800 mm x 1,800 mm inspection volume.

An optional CT functionality and Assisted Defect Recognition makes this system to an allrounder in nearly every application.

  • With the X|cube you benefit from a versatile platform that based on highest quality imaging chain components:
    • Speed up your inspection with shortest ramp-up time and up to 45 mA over entire voltage range providing up to 50% shorter exposure times – unmatched in the industry!
    • Also for low dense materials such as plastics and composites voltages bellow 100 kV in combination with high current an increased image quality – more flexibility in applications and materials
    • Unique detector technology for best image quality/resolution, highest defect detection and inspection speed and throughput even with 450 kV application (larger detector, smaller pixel pitch, higher sensitivity, temperature controlled for fewer recalibrations)
    • Fast and intuitive inspection routine programming incl. exclusive Flash!Filter
    • Heavy duty manipulator for parts up to 300 kg (fully motorized motion outside for external loading)
    • Inspected volume up to Ø 800 mm x 1800 mm
    • Patented C-arm (±45°) for intuitive and fast X-ray inspection as well as premium CT capability
    • Optimized safety – no laser scanner to free up working space and safety bumper door frame
    • All essential ASTM reference catalogues available
  • All sizes are available for parts up to 150 kg (optionally 300 kg):
    • Compact   (160/225/320 kV)   Ø 600 mm x 900 mm inspection volume
    • XL   (160/225 kV)   Ø 800 mm x 1500 mm inspection volume
    • XXL compact   (320/450 kV)  Ø 800 mm x 1400 mm inspection volume
    • XXL   (320/450 kV)   Ø 800 mm x 1800 mm inspection volume
  • The detector portfolio offers a wide range from:
    • 8” real time detectors (30 fps with 200 µm pixel pitch) up to
    • 16” large, optimized for long term reliable and highly sensitive Dynamic 41
      • 16 mega pixel 100 µm (3 fps) and
      • 4 mega pixel 200 µm (20 fps).

The Dynamic 41 supports high resolution images for easy detection of subtle indications (up to 50 µm feature detection with mini focus X-ray tubes).

  • In parallel up to 10x improved efficiency and sensitivity compared to state of the art 200 µm pixel detectors allowing:
    • 2x resolution increase without cycle time impact or
    • 2-3x cycle time decrease.

The detection of 2x smaller defects without increase of geometric magnification allows imaging of large objects at higher resolution.

Product Features
  • Improved image accuracy optimized for the human eye, advanced Flash!TM image enhancement technology delivers superior image results for more reliable and accurate inspections
  • Reduced detection time by real-time inspection, combined with optional 3D CT capability, automatically detects hidden defects early-on, so you can make production decisions on the spot
  • Built for speed using the latest technological innovations to accommodate a wide variety of parts, you can inspect a greater range, faster than ever
  • Higher throughput with simple workflow and easy servicing, it reduces human error, operating time and maintenance costs for more reliable, repeatable, and efficient X-ray inspections
  • Flexible for any environment based on diverse system size, X-ray ranges, detector models, our models meet a wide inspection range with both manual and fully automated X-ray options
  • Increased efficiency with robust design and 24/7 intuitive operator guidance with X-Touch® control helps you avoid downtime making your operations run more smoothly
  • Flash!TM image enhancement
  • ASTM Reference catalogues
  • Assisted Defect Recognition
  • CT optionally
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