The reference transfer standard calibrator

PACE Tallis is the transfer standard, designed with market leading precision and long-term stability using Druck’s TERPS resonating silicon technology. Designed for test bench, bench top and panel mount calibration, test and monitoring applications, PACE Tallis is a compact and robust transfer standard calibrator that is ideal for in-situ testing and interlaboratory comparisons.

Engineered to be a versatile offering, PACE Tallis maintains performance across a wide range of environmental conditions and test media to offer precision down to 10 ppm FS. The portability of PACE Tallis means remote, sub-optimal locations are now accessible for calibration with reduced risk of damage during transport due to the robust build of the unit.

With easy set up and operation, PACE Tallis provides a low cost of ownership Transfer Standard compared to deadweight testers. It is ideal for calibration labs, boasting long term stability up to 15 ppm FS/year with minimal servicing required.

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ADTS fleet calibration using PACE Tallis

The combination of a Druck ADTS with PACE Tallis reference standard creates an unrivaled calibration solution for your avionic instrumentation in terms of cost of ownership, accuracy, and reliability.

Read our Application Note to find out more. 

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Saving time and money with PACE Tallis

PACE Tallis utilises the latest advancement TERPS technology to deliver market leading accuracy, stability and precision with the all benefits of a digital system. This combination results in comparable performance to traditional deadweight testers.

Read our Application Note to find out more.

Features and benefits
  • Market leading precision and long-term stability with Druck's TERPS resonating silicon technology
  • Configurable to fit a wide range of applications, with 1, 2 or 3 reference sensors from 200 kPa to 21.1 MPa
  • Full-featured yet simple to use platform, from laboratory barometer to working calibration standard
  • Compact, robust transfer standard, ideal for in-situ testing and interlaboratory comparison
  • Versatile, maintains performance with a wide range of environmental conditions and test media
  • Precision of 10 ppm FS
  • Long term stability of up to 15 ppm FS per year
  • Barometric reference option
Performance benefits
  • Lower risk of errors during use - PACE Tallis utilises automated software which reduces human errors when performed manually. 
  • Easy setup and operation - operators can use PACE Tallis with little required.
  • Calibrated across a wide temperature range - To ensure performance across changing weather forecasts.
  • Guaranteed uncertainty budget - The stability of PACE Tallis means there are no induced errors due to poor piston cleanliness.
  • Lower overall cost of ownership - Compared to a traditional Deadweight Tester regarding cost and lifetime servicing requirements. 

Read the PACE Tallis datasheet to find out more.

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