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Can an ADTS554F be configured as an ADTS553F?

The ADTS 554F can be configured to operate as a three channel ADTS 553F.
This can be done in the Settings menu as shown below.

Is a Test Sequence Template available for the ADTS500?

Attached is the Test Sequence Template and also an example of a Test Sequence for reference.

Download > TEMPLATE

Is PACE CM3 suitable for calibrating the ADTS500

To achieve the datasheet specification the Expanded Uncertainty of the calibration equipment has to be 0.0032% Rdg + 0.7Pa or better.
The accuracy of a 2 bar abs CM3 is 0.0016% Rdg +0.0033% FS For the CM3 the %FS term is larger than the %Rdg term for the calibration equipment therefore the CM3 is not accurate enough to meet the datasheet specification for the ADTS 55X.
Customers can use calibration equipment with larger than the recommended uncertainty but the accuracy of the ADTS 5XX will be degraded as mentioned in the user manual K0553, please see table below.

What is the Normal Elapsed Time for a New ADTS405F Pump?

This is normal, approximately 72 hours is taken to test the pump and conduct oven tests.
Any time over this is for testing when it assembled into the Flight line case with the electronics rack.

Does the ADTS405F automatically ground safely when after power loss?

The ADTS 405 has Let Down valves fitted that safely vent the pressure if power is lost.
The Ps and Pt pressures are automatically vented to atmosphere through restrictors.
Pt is vented into Ps to ensure airspeed stays positive.
Ps is vented to atmosphere.
The aircraft instruments can be watched to validate the pressures are at ground prior to disconnection of the hoses.
The ADTS will reconnect safely to the aircraft if power is restored at any point through the auto let down procedure.

Default Limits not saved on ADTS542

This is due to a bug in the software.
Install software DK 428 V04.00.00 or later in the ADTS Touch.

Is Calibration Date adjustment on ADTS Touch part of the Calibration Procedure on ADTS55XF?

Yes, the ADTS TOUCH is required when going through the calibration procedure.

The calibration date is changed when calibration adjustment is performed and this is stored on the ADTS552F base unit. You can use any ADTS TOUCH terminal to communicate with the ADTS552F and read the calibration date. It's not necessary to use the original ADTS TOUCH that came with the instrument.

What is the communication range for the Standard Range and Extended Range ADTS Hand Terminals

This is more about the use case (where the aircraft is located) rather than the range.
We recommend the ER for when the unit is used on a large commercial aircraft on an open airfield.
If used in a hanger then the SR should be fine.
The reason for this is the hanger provides a reflected path into the cockpit. In an open environment the signal cannot get into the cockpit easily.
If there is nothing between the touch and the base unit then the range is nearly 300M even on the standard range.
You only really need the ER for a double decker jumbo (747 size) outside a hanger, although the connection is more reliable on smaller aircraft.

Why is ADTS405 Altitude reading not 0 feet at Ground Level?

The ADTS is set for a pressure of P=1013.25 mbar at sea level on a standard day. This means in those conditions you will have a 0 ft reading for altitude. In reality, those conditions do not generally exist in the airfields or in laboratory and the power up altitude reading will be slightly off from 0 ft (either in both positive or negative directions). This is normal as the pressure readings are done relative to ground. To make sure measurements are completed properly, please ensure the aircraft pressure baseline setting is set to P=1013.25 mbar and continue to follow the standard operating procedures.

What does the ADTS405 error mean "Error 701:4000 PS self-test error"?

PS self Test Error 701:4000 indicates that there may be an issue with the main transducer.
If pressure has got trapped in the manifold then this could be causing the problem, therefore initially try venting the system. 
To vent the system:-
Remove the caps from the Ps and Pt ports.
Select the maintenance mode by powering on the ADTS, when the ADTS displays "ADTS DK127 or DK263" press the F1 and F4 keys at the same time.
Select More (F3 key)
Select System (F1 key)
Select Vent System (F1 key)
This should open the correct valves on the ADTS to release any trapped.

If the error re-occurs then this would indicate that there is an issue with the main transducer. The ADTS would require returning to a Service Centre or an Approved Service Provider for further investigation.

ADTS55XF Angle of Attack (AOA) Specification

The AOA does not have a specification.
It is just derived from the accuracy of the two Ps channels. 

GTE405 Controller Board Compatibility

Yes, the GTE405 can be used with both old and new version of controller boards.

Horizontal or Vertical Positioning for Calibrating ADTS405F

The ADTS 405F can be calibrated in either the horizontal or vertical position, but you need to ensure that you use the correct calibration reference height.
If the ADTS is calibrated in the vertical position (display facing upwards) then the calibration reference height is the reference height shown on the side plate of the ADTS 405F case.
If the ADTS is calibrated horizontally (display facing forwards) then the calibration reference height is the reference height shown on the mimic panel on the front of the ADTS 405F.

What does the ADTS405 error mean "Error 701:0100 PS self-test error"?

This maybe due to trapped pressure in the pneumatic system. Vent the pressure as follows:
To release the pressure remove the caps from the Ps and Pt ports.
Select the maintenance mode by powering on the ADTS, when the ADTS displays ""ADTS DK127"" press the F1 and F4 keys at the same time.
Select More (F3 key)
Select System (F1 key)
Select Vent System (F1 key)
This should open the correct valves on the ADTS to release any trapped pressure.

ADTS542 Ps Minimum range value on Calibration Certificate (35 mbar) Versus Datasheet (92 mbar)

The ADTS 542 can only control down to 91.2 mbar abs, it cannot control to 35 mbar abs due to the limitations of the vacuum pump.
However it can measure down to 35 mbar abs.

We use the same model of sensor in all the ADTS 5XX series. The sensors are calibrated over the same pressure range, we then grade the sensors and the more accurate sensors are used in the ADTS 552/553/554. This is why 35 mbar abs is shown on the calibration certificate.

NB The ADTS 552/553/554 can all control and measure down to 35 mbar abs. 

What is Part Number for the ADTS 405F MKI Pump Unit?

We no longer supply the complete pump unit.
You will need spare part AS405-22-1892M0 for the PSU with Motor Controller Board.
Also you will need spare part AS405-11-1893M1 for the Pump/Motor Assembly.

ADTS542 Start Up Bias Test Failure

There could be an issue with the PSU as it fails at different points and sometimes after a few minutes of use.
Another possible cause could be an intermittent connection.
You could check all the internal connections to make sure that they are correctly connected.
If you have a replacement PSU then you can try replacing it.
If this does not solve the issue then we recommend to return the instrument to a Service Centre for further investigation.

Material Safety Datasheet (MSDS) for the ADTS Touch Battery
Is the ADTS Touch Connector available as spares?

The connector on the front panel for the Touch is not available as a spare part. You will need to replace the front panel assembly, part number AS552F-2.

What is the Part Number for the Ps/Pt pressure port O-ring?

The part numbers are:-
Ps (AN6) port - part number 204-097
Pt (AN4) port - part number 204-096

What are the Part Numbers of O-Ring Kits for ADTS542 and ADTS55XF?

If the ADTS has AN4 and AN6 pressure ports then the O ring part numbers are:-
AN4 O ring - Part Number 204-096
AN6 O ring - Part Number 204-097

Is ADTS55SXF suitable for harsh environment such as strong Electromagnetic field?

The ADTS 554 is not suitable for operation in such a harsh environment.
This is well above the CE requirements stated on the datasheet (CE requirements is 10V per metre), therefore we would expect some deviation in performance. 
The application described seems to be a military environment, for use in such an environment we would recommend using our ADTS 405F, as currently this is the only product that we have with this level of immunity. 


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