Acquire and recover quality core plugs at specified depths with wireline-conveyed rotary sidewall coring services from Baker Hughes.


Cores for in-depth analysis

The Baker Hughes PowerCOR™ and MaxCOR™ rotary sidewall coring services incorporate direct-drive electric motors and optimized coring bits to drill sidewall cores directly from the wellbore, producing samples similar in size and quality to conventional core plugs. These services reduce the shattering and core compaction that is common with percussive sidewall coring.

The resulting cores are suitable for quantitative analysis, which is valuable to many of your departments.

  • Geology uses core data to understand the lithology, petrography, and depositional environment of your reservoir
  • Petrophysics evaluate the core data to calibrate their well logs, study saturation, and measure geomechanical properties of the rock
  • Reservoir engineering studies basic core properties and relative permeability, and conducts special core analysis that informs well planning
  • Completions study the core to assess the likelihood of formation damage and identify flow parameters for a more effective completion design

Use the accurate, detailed data from our rotary sidewall coring services to inform your reservoir planning in several significant ways.

Reduce uncertainty. Recover representative reservoir material to enhance your formation evaluation and integrate, interpret, and calibrate well logs of all types

Verify reserves. Obtain accurate values for formation water resistivity (Rw) and saturation from the core material to help confirm hydrocarbon reserves in the reservoir

Improve your completion designs. Review the comprehensive, high-quality core data to ensure proper well placement and adjust future drilling, well positioning, and completion strategies

Extend the production life of your wells. Gain a deeper understanding of your reservoir’s structure and composition to develop best practices for pressure maintenance, increased recovery, and improved asset lifecycle management

Contact us to learn how rotary sidewall coring services from Baker Hughes can help optimize your reservoir development planning.


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Rotary sidewall coring services