Tubing-conveyed perforating solutions from Baker Hughes get you to target depth and improve reservoir connectivity.


Full-service solutions

Whether you need effective perforating solutions for applications ranging from unconventional to offshore or from factory completion to high-value wells, we provide a full-spectrum service offering.

  • Enhance your fracture treatments through optimized perforation patterns with the FracConnectunconventional perforating system and Horizontal Oriented Perforating System™ (HOPS™)
  • Deploy and retrieve perforating guns without having to kill your well with our Snapshot™ live-well deployment system and Stackable Gun System™ (SGS™)
  • Improve your well productivity with cleaner perforations and wellbores with debris management products that reduce total debris generated and make any remaining debris easily treatable.

Our comprehensive services improve your overall fracture stimulation jobs in several key ways.

  • Increase  efficiency. Perforate long, widely spaced intervals in a single trip in the well rather than having to make multiple runs on wireline
  • Improve overall production. Boost reservoir connectivity and drainage with perforating systems that create fountain-like treatments for more effective proppant placement and optimized fracture length and reach
  • Eliminate the probability of plugged perforations. Manage your debris more effectively to decrease debris-related issues and their negative impacts on production

Contact us to learn how Baker Hughes tubing-conveyed perforating solutions can safely and efficiently optimize your fracture stimulation.


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