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  • Delays water and gas breakthrough
  • Delivers autonomous reservoir management
  • Reduces water and gas influx

  • Long, horizontal wells
  • Heterogeneous reservoirs
  • Assets with high surface handling costs



Long horizontal wellbores are susceptible to water and gas coning, especially in thin oil rim and heavy oil applications. These wells can quickly become unproductive and increasingly costly as the water and/or gas displace oil flow.

The EQUALIZER LIFT™ autonomous inflow control device (AICD) provides an effective reservoir management solution that enhances oil recovery and reduces water and/or gas production. LIFT devices distributed along the wellbore in heterogeneous formations equalize the inflow pattern to promote uniform formation drainage, improve productivity, and reduce costs associated with surface handling of unwanted fluids.

The EQUALIZER LIFT AICD features a floating disc that autonomously responds to changing flow rates and fluid properties. It functions similar to a passive ICD for single phase production before water/gas breakthrough to promote oil recovery from sections of the reservoir with lower permeability, and aids in the delay of water/gas coning. However, if water and/or gas do break through, the AICD’s floating disc autonomously restricts the valve inlet, creating additional pressure drops in these zones.

Contact us to learn how the EQUALIZER AICD can help you maximize oil recovery while minimizing unwanted fluid handling costs and risks.

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