• Maximize production with flexible cluster lengths and more clusters per stage
  • Reduce NPT by eliminating port plugs and wiring on wellsite
  • Reduce time at wellsite with a fully assembled system for rapid connection

  • Conventional and Unconventional reservoirs
  • Producer and injector wells
  • Top-fire, select fire, plug-and-perf stage completions
  • Natural, stimulated, and sand control completions

The Symphoni™ addressable perforating system from Baker Hughes gives you next-generation perforating performance for your conventional and unconventional wells, lowering fracturing costs while simplifying workflows for your field crews at the wellsite.


Full flexibility and customization

The Symphoni perforating system is a plug-and-play gun system that simplifies assembly at the wellsite. The system is designed to avoid some of the common challenges with conventional pump-down perforating systems.

  • With no wire connections or port plugs, the Symphoni perforating system minimizes the risks of misfires and increased nonproductive time (NPT) that are common in conventional systems
  • The Symphoni perforating system maximizes operational efficiency by reducing the invisible lost time associated with assembling and verifying the system before each deployment between wellhead connections
  • The system’s multigun assembly enhances production efficiency by offering customizable perforating operation in terms of the number of clusters per stage, the type of charge used, and shot-per-foot and phasing designs

The system design also includes features to enhance safety at your wellsite. It offers Radio frequency (RF) safe compliance with API RP67. Integrated circuitry eliminates the effects of uncontrolled stray voltage, current, and radio frequency saturation that could lead to surface detonation. This also saves you time by avoiding the need to manually control radio frequencies. And when combined with the addressable release tool from Baker Hughes, the Symphoni perforating system prevents uncontrolled surface separation.


Full charge compatibility

The Symphoni perforating system is fully compatible with all Baker Hughes shaped charges, including the TrueJet uniform-hole perforating charges for improving reservoir communication in unconventional wells. The system can also deploy the DeepConnect reservoir-driven charges, which work with high-temperature explosives required in ultradeep frontiers.

Contact us to learn how the Symphoni addressable perforating system can improve the production and recovery potential from your reservoir.

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